Your game will be lots better and gain more players if

IMO. I love this game, really. But I found out that you guys are very salty. If you focus on p2w more, you will ruin your game someday soon.

I suggest you should provide casual mode in which the level of unit does not matter for players to try and find out new strategy with combos. I search over Internet a lot and does not see any where discuss about Wild Beyond deck though this is a core element of the game.

You should give players some punishment-free to try new things and discuss over any interesting ideas. Every mechanism in the game are design in the way that is too squeeze out money from players’ wallet. I know that your game quality is very high but believe me, players need some space.

I wrote this because I really love the game and dont want the game to die or I quit myself because I reach the wall of pay to win.

Hope you will fix it soon.


Too late unfortunately. The highest part of the playerbase is about over the mistreatment of their playerbase. We all loved it at one point, now the only people who pay anything are people who are just addicted to feeling like they are winning somehow by feeding money to a dead game


Hahaha I can’t agree with you anymore. Great games always have the best interest of their players ideas and play experience in mind, and they us that to grow and improve. Not so much for games like these. I knew the developers where have trouble right after they started messing with the gem packs and on top of that story mode wasn’t even a full complete run around, I just wish they start using their time to add more features, like maps with traps on the board or alliance wars, anything that could bring people together and say “wow let’s run this battle back”

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:pray: you took the words right out of my mouth, funny thing is that I know they are trying to milk me before but the game was so fun that I just fed them money. Stoped now since the update ruined my play experience


Agreed. I didn’t even reach Champion this season because I had zero desire to play. I’ve played more the past two days than I have this entire season, but today’s “update” reminded me of why I stopped playing in the first place. They get none of my money now whereas they used to get plenty during every event. I refuse to pay those who seemingly couldn’t care less about their players.

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Hit the nail on the head. I was literally thinking this today too. Anyone who plays this game daily can see all the mechanisms used to make players pay. It’s blatant and feels disingenuous. People don’t want to feel cheated. Instead of trying your best to manipulate players into spending money you should have focused on fostering a better community and fixing the areas that players requested. Money would have came with more players.

It’s so unfortunate because obviously we enjoy a lot of the aspects of this game. The concept is fun and fresh. It’s what drew people in. I’m positive the devs put in extremely hard work to make all of this happen. It’s just sad that so much effort has gone into the cash grab.

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And all that effort that was put into the game will be a complete and total waste. They’re running it into the ground, but will still swear up and down that “it’s not about the money” pffft!!! I hope they realize what is coming if they don’t listen to us, fix this trash fire, and stop killing the game. We’re all going to sue the crap out of them for every single penny we invested, all so they can do nothing but ruin the game and line their pockets

Its funny because I started this forum revolt like two months ago when that happened and they banned me twice (and made me player of the month at the same time?:joy:), I was simply calling them out on being predatory and they insinuated that I was personally attacking people when I never had an issue with anyone other than the devs, and was as respectful as a paying customer would be if they found out the restaurant spit on my steak and charged extra for it to be wiped off.
Glad everyone is starting to speak up now and it’s not just me


I always speak up. I’m just ignored when I do. :crazy_face:


We all are lol and here’s some random text since the forum has a minimum character rule

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Hi @ArDi0ZE thanks for the suggestion.

Changing the basic design of the game at that level is sorta akin to saying “drastically change the bones of what the game is”

Examples of how this isn’t something we can just do:

  • The developers who work on most card games can create a new card in a day or two, so they have thousands of cards in their game for everyone to collect. Players in those games spend months/years collecting all the cards. In our game, it takes a large team of developers multiple months to create a single unit. It’s not economically viable for us to make thousands of “cards” in the same way a normal card game would. We need to have ways to make this smaller number of cards last longer (e.g., levels on cards.)
  • Let’s imagine we could somehow afford to pay 10,000 developers to generate thousands of cards for the game so we could be more like a normal card game with thousands of cards without levels on them. Would that even be good? Other card games are “turn based” so people have time to read what an unfamiliar card is played before they respond – making it fine to have thousands of cards floating around. In our game, it probably turns into a mess – every battle you’d be having new units appearing which you’re unfamiliar with and you need to figure out how to respond to it in a split second.

Anyway, these are some of the challenges that would need to be figured out if we totally changed the game design this drastically. It’s certainly possible to make it work, but it’s basically akin to saying “stop working on this game, start working on a new game which tries to answer all these challenges and relaunch that in a year or two.”

That’s exactly what FFXIV did and what Anthem is going to have to do if they want to be successful in the future. Again, another thing this game doesn’t have, a foreseeable road map or any foresight handed down to the players.

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