Your business tactics are getting to be very annoying

So now I have to buy the $20 and the $50 chest packages before I can buy the $100 ones. I just wanted to buy two of the $100 ones but I am forced to spend an extra $70. I just wanted to voice my frustrations with your new business tactics each and every day. Literally every single day there is something new with you guys. Every. Single. Day.

I have a good solution. If you donโ€™t buy any of them you wonโ€™t care :upside_down_face:


Come on bro. Youโ€™ve known me for a week now. Iโ€™m an addict on every level.

Help me help you

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Thanks for the feedback and for your support - we really appreciate it. We try not to clutter the screen with too many options, but this has drawbacks too. It was like this last season too, but Iโ€™ll talk to the team about improving this for the future (ref 60277).

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