You want us to spend gold, right?


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How about you offer more than 2000 silver in the store, DAILY, if not multiple times a day? I have no use for it otherwise when I have Alliance members donating more cards than offered by the store? Maybe people will actually use the gold then.

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Gold is useful for new players. It is admittedly less useful for late-game players. This has been true since last year. We hope to change that at some point

Gold is barely useful for anyone because as you use gold you rapidly get to the point you run out of coins.

It is essentially USELESS not less useful for higher players except for the occasional epic or legendary card they happen to need or the occasional coin purchase.

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Cards should feel tighter than coins until around card level 12-14 ish.

Newer players with cards below level 10 should be more limited by the ability to get the right card copies for their favorite deck than they are getting the coins to upgrade that deck. Thus, Gold is useful to them.

Yes gold is useful to them for a very short time. The rest of us have many millions of useless gold.

@S7campusLifer … why not a reply like; that’s a great idea since gold is more useful to newer members.

Crist on a cracker, you’re really giving us nothing.

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