You have betrayed Roxie’s Generator Big Time

I can see you have increased the Power Plants’ loading speed to incentivize melee attacks at the beginning of the battles, and you shuffle Roxie’s Generator cards so wild that they often come out at the later stages of the game, that 1) if I’m winning the game with successful securing the middle grounds and a decent number of power plants, I wouldn’t need those generators. 2) if I can’t secure those spots until the later stages in the game I’m probably toast to a point where the generators cannot help me. Essentially you have contorted the game to make Generators nothing more helpful than door stops. You have also betrayed your own Power Plant system - people now just rush with energy 1 or energy 2 cards at the beginning of the game regardless which race(? Not sure if this is the right word) you use. With Ascension you melee with scouts, with Legion you melee with energy-1 troopers and teddies, with Rogue you melee with riot batted protestors and drones. What happens to Asension being expensive but powerful, Legion being unit- and armor-heavy, and Rogue being energy-rich and can auto-generate units? You are turning yourself, an originally great game, into another StarCraft where everyone just uses Zergs to melee. Melee melee melee. The only strategy.

@Alphredo It might be a bit dramatic to say that we’ve “betrayed” Generators. Roxie’s Generator can be very powerful at any stage of the game. These are just some examples:

  • If you draw one in your opening hand, you have the option of teching-up immediately, dropping the generator, and having 1-2 power plants up on your opponent as well as the Tech advantage.
  • If you hold mid-field already, Generators count as playing a card, so units like Grrrrilla benefit greatly from this card for a strong push. The upcoming Dragonfly also benefits in the same way.
  • If you’re on the defensive, the extra energy from a Generator lets you retaliate with more units quickly in one go.
  • If you’re knocking on the enemy’s front door, or they’re knocking on yours, but you don’t need energy right away, you can throw down a Generator to absorb attacks from their units. While this isn’t the best use of a Generator because you don’t get the energy if it dies, in some situations it can turn the tide because they took a big hit from something like a Seraph or distracted Longshots from your Nuke Truck.

Lastly, the term “melee” refers to units that have no ranged attacks and must run up to their targets to attack. Things like Lancers, T.E.D.D.Y.s, and Raiders are melee-units. Things like Scouts, Grunts/Reinforcements, Pixies are all ranged-units. While rush strategies have their place in the metagame, they usually crumple to area damage from things like Alchemists and Pyros, and eventually lose steam the longer a fight draws out. If you can get good value out of a defense (i.e. the amount of :energy: you expend to counter their attack is less than the :energy: they spent), you’ll generally win out in the end.

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