Yet again, another “challenging” opponent inside of event wins due to overtime

This has happened to me FIVE TIMES during this event so far! I wasn’t even losing against upper level opponents until overtime and I got ran dry because of the way your mechanics work!


Thanks for the post. I’m not sure if this thread is intended to be feedback on our matchmaking system, or our overtime system or our event balance. Please clarify and I can try to get back to you!

It’s strictly just about overtime in the events. To be clear I have no problem with the mechanic in regular play. I’m already aware you’re working on the match making so I won’t beat a dead horse. It’s just that when I figure out how to beat them, I still end up losing just due to time when they are four levels above me. I get the intent on getting more points from stronger opponents but when I’m winning all the way up to the very end and I lose by default that seems very counter intuitive

Your opponent beat you because they took all the factors into consideration and came out ahead. You’re trying to compete in Frenzy with 2 Infernal Warriors? Your strategy failed because you wasted valuable time trying to tech up and get those monsters onto the field.

Play better.

Are you stupid or just trolling? I’m level 20 account level and a level nine commander, against a diamond who’s commander is level 13, play better? I’ve won two first place, one second and this is my fourth tournament you annoying troll. Get out of here if you’re just trying to get people pissed off

Definitely perfect matchmaking you troll


A couple of things on this:

  • In terms of matchmaking, I’d argue the system has actually generated a “good match” in this specific case. A bad match is one where one player has little chance of winning. In this case, it looks like a nailbiter to determine who would win. If you had managed to avoid more base damage or had managed to get your eternal warrior out earlier, you would have won.

  • In regards to overtime, my suggestion is to structure overtime into your deckbuilding. The dynamics of this event change the dynamics of battle such that different strategies come out dominant. If you build a deck which is heavily weighted towards “top tech tier” in a Frenzy event and you find your bases are sustaining too much damage to make a comeback during overtime, I suggest you change your deck so that you can hold back more of the damage in the the early pushes.

So you’re telling me, someone who’s been playing for TWO WEEKS should be matched with diamond four? Are you serious?

I’m winning against everyone my own level! That’s who I should be matched with for an event like this!

Ps. You literally told me in another post is that the only reason I’m being matched with people way above my level is because I’m good at making event decks, you really gotta figure out your answers

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Agree, I’ve gotten four in a row. It’s so tilted not because they’re having better skills( they are shti on this that’s why they are matching us lower levels) but because they have way higher troops levels and commander’s.
At least they should changed the overtime burn out thing into percentages? So we would burn at a same rate?

Exactly. When I die simply to the opponent having a higher commander base HP than mine is idiotic.

That’s what happens when multiple people run the same response account and don’t communicate their responses with the people on the next shift

Calm down. Even if you’re right and they’re wrong, nobody is going to listen to your gross, immature method of communication.

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Gross and immature how? By providing facts and ways to change it? I’m sorry that you think it’s immature to say something when something is clearly broken

you’re not just “providing facts,” you’re very mad and aggressive. Again, it’s not what you’re saying, it’s how you say it. Calm down

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Mad or frustrated that something I’ve supported financially just took a weekend long dumb on its player base? Lol I’m perfectly calm, you need to stop trying to predict someone’s emotions through text, do you not think people have the right to speak out when the game devs for the game they play start trying to scam them?

You’re more than willing to decide when others shouldn’t speak up. Doesn’t look good from the other side, does it?

And he’s not even trying to shut you down, just get you to evaluate your approach.

Lol okay troll. When a bridge falls down y’all just stare, if something is messed up…then say something so it gets fixed :exploding_head:

By their very nature, if a bridge were to fall the trolls would certainly be the most concerned :wink:

The problem here is not that you have complaints about change to the game. That’s legit and certainly the main reason that the devs have provided this forum. The real problem is that others have a different opinion about those changes and you don’t have the respect to allow others to enjoy the same opportunity you are here for - to share their opinion. You have actually said other contributors should leave. All that has been asked of you is that you be civil, which it appears is too big an ask for you.

You’ve cast aspersions at the motives of others for disagreeing with you. So let me make my motives clear for continuing to respond to you. I’ve been around internet discussion groups for a very long time and, especially in gaming communities, everything seems to fall apart when concern trolling goes unanswered. If you don’t know what concern trolling is go look it up and try to be little self-effacing when you do. But in a nutshell it is when people show up with concerns and insist everything stop until they are appeased.

This forum is here for you to speak your mind. I concede that point. But it isn’t here for only you and when you or anyone else tried to bully others out of the public space by denying others the very respect for your opinion that you demand I have a problem with that.

I enjoy this game. I enjoy the effort the developers are putting into it to make it better. It is clearly a work in progress and I recognize that there are flaws. But it is my nature to not only critique those flaws but also offer encouragement for changes I see going well. If you have a problem with that then it is acceptable to say so and also be heard. But you’ve already gone way past that point and that isn’t acceptable.

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