Wrong units dropping from event chests

Again. Lancers, suit ups, etc :roll_eyes:

Game is dead.

Same here, only getting non event units.

They’ve clearly matched the wrong set of rewards to this event.

When coupled with the downtime mid event is not good.

This is just sloppy.

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In my experience from other games, lack of response on the forums is usually the final sign the game is dead and no longer truly being supported. The first game I saw this happen on just left the servers on as more and more players quit. I assume eventually the servers shut down due to lack of maintenance.

You’re right Lyth that this is a v bad sign unfortunately.

I think part of the problem is that they have no community budget for a community game.

They messed up there income for this game no one else.so they rather live and die by the mistakes rather then fixing stuff trying to make better packs for people to buy changing the dust system changing the game back to what it use to be.but they rather see the game die/fail then to see us the players be right.

The worst part is of all the games I’ve played this was one of the very best it’s the one I’ve enjoyed the most and it was the most social of them, but it’s been destroyed. All they needed to do was make purchases better and tweak matchmaking a bit and they would have been perfect. Instead they trashed the whole game. Adding moons and additional campaign were good but not when they base economy on them and trash progression so only people who already were endgame can really even play them.

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Yup I would say take the life time elite away that way it makes people pay for the 30 day. Not really fix just add a few things to make it worth buying and it can be as simple as putting coins and dust I go the pack system.this is a great game or should I say was a great game and I hope they can fix this game back to its core.

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