Wrecking Alliances and the game

Most of the changes are going to cause many Alliances to disintegrate. Ours was decent. Good core group with having to remove actives. Always had people to fill the slots. The Alliance we have is great one for new players to start and really get into the game. No longer. Have worked very hard to strengthen and develop it and now the effort is wasted due to the massive upheaval in the game. The developers should apologize, adjust and compensate. Given that the game is now certainly struggling, nothing will happen. It was fun while it lasted.

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My biggest gripe about the alliance changes is the boss blitz. My group had a whole system worked out, and now we can’t do a blitz by ourselves. There are TONS of other issues that are being ignored, but they implemented this ridiculous, unnecessary change? I just don’t get it.

They are literally killing this game


It might be dead very soon. Their lack of a proper and good response will do that.

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