WOW really, it’s still not fixed?!

Are you guys serious? You say you fixed the matching system, but still I’m going up against gold, diamond lvl 6s and I’m silver lvl 6. This is down right pathetic! Why don’t you guys just state your intentions ( your not going to fix anything until the gold and diamonds have everything they need). I’m guessing you techs are gold and diamond so it is in your best interest to not fix THE MATCH MAKING! Here’s an idea stop the events until you fix the problem!

Hi @Nippoc.

Thank you for contributing your feedback.

We’ve implemented some improvements for matchmaking, but we consider it far from “fixed”. We continue to work down the list of things we want to do. For sure we are aligned with you that this is a major problem which requires more work.

It’s complicated subject, so I can’t really adequately answer you without more information. Which game mode are you referring to? 1v1 ranked? Events? 2v2 ranked?


Events, the 1v1 and 2v2 I don’t seem to be so outrageously overmatched or so often. I have 2 accounts and it’s the events that are so messed up. My other toon is a silver lvl 2 and in this event I’ve gone up against gold lvl6s and diamond lvl 2&3s quite frequently it’s getting frustrating to the point I want to uninstall the game and I like the game.

It’s definitely a lot better, thank you for the improvements! Still could use some work though because every once in awhile, like once or twice a day I’ll get a challenger match and I’ve only been as high as diamond one now. Thanks devs!

It’s not about your rank in leaderboard, it’s based on your player level in total if you haven’t been watching. That isn’t their fault, that’s people being very specific with their upgrades to spoof the system

Hi @Nippoc

In our most recent app update, we release some updates which we hope have improved the quality and speed to find matches in events.

That said, we still have the following problem and hope to fix it soon:

Basically someone’s rank in normal multiplayer has very little relation to their rank in events. For instance, many people who reach diamond rank go and look a the top 10 players, copy their deck and then ONLY upgrade those cards to level 17 — and don’t upgrade anything else at all. When these players go to event mode, their deck includes lots of cards which are level ~6ish and badly designed because they don’t know how to strategically design their own decks or how to play with them. We shouldn’t be showing this Diamond rank border from the other game mode – it’s just wrong and misleading. In an upcoming update we will stop showing this border, but in the meantime please just ignore it.