Would we be able to just purchase the skins without going through the entire season battles?

I really like the sand camo skin; looks so cool on the bear and air sharks. However I’ve heard buying season tokens from the chests will cost a fortune, and I’ve calculated my chance of getting the skins by participating in the season events. Doesn’t seem very likely to happen with my level. I will need like 7 months to get the skin for teddy. However I still want the skin so my units look cooler, and this is a time when the client doesn’t mind paying a little fiat money to get an utility, just not together with other stuff he may not need but will cost him too much. Will the team consider unbundle the skin with the entire season thing and just let people have the option to purchase the skin as a stand-alone product? I’m sure people would appreciate your art work just as much as the games itself.

This is great feedback @Alphredo! While I believe it would be very difficult to change everything up in seasons at this point, I’ll definitely note this feedback and bring it to the rest of the team for future seasons. Currently, there’s a bit of “rarity” associated with some of the harder-to-obtain skins. I’d love to hear from some more people to see if other players being able to obtain all skins outside of the normal Seasons progression route would feel bad.

It is absolutely appropriate to ask other players’ opinions before making the changes, but I think some skins are too rare that even the most devoted wallet warriors will have a hard time getting the skins (I have not seen anyone with a sand camo on a teddy, despite how often I bump into diamond players while I’m only a gold). ‘Just some comments.

If getting the skin is too hard, regular players like me will probably turn to train units instead of fighting for the skin, and you the developers lose a chance to attract users to pay, not exactly a win-win situation. Right now the skins are just too difficult to get.

Hi @Alphredo!

Here’s my $0.02 on the subject. Caveat: This is my personal opinion and I’m not personally on the “seasons & events” R&D team and I don’t personally get to make the decisions around this.

Our intention was creating a bunch of different rewards for players who to engage in our competitive events. Different types of players are interested in different things (units, skins, portraits, etc) so we have different rewards. The players who are super engaged should get exclusive rewards for their effort.

If there is a player who really likes skins and wants to push to compete at the highest level and “win” the season, for sure they should get rewarded a very exclusive skin for that person to show off. If we were to sell such as skin for $1, what would we reward this super engaged player who really likes skins and fought their way to be a top player in the season? We can’t both give it to that player who fought for an exclusive reward and also sell them on the side.

My belief is that there are some skins you can win with a relatively low level of engagement with the events. Perhaps on top of that we should also allow purchase of some skins. But I do think we need some skins to be exclusive rewards for the players who engage deeply in the seasonal events.

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