Worried about events this season

If every event is going to force a season 1 unit as the featured unit, we’re going to have a problem. I have to face people with level 17 season 1 units with my level 6 units (on top of my usual level 13-14 deck.), and that’s for a unit I have already unlocked. When an epic or legendary unit is featured, it’s going to be either base level or level 1, since I can’t get enough tokens to unlock them because I can’t win games because I’m forced to take low leveled units into my deck. This is than compounded by the fact that I still need to upgrade these cards, and that max level for an event card I can reach this season is level 13 (without getting them randomly though chests). At least last season everyone started the same, so the featured cards didn’t drag us down. (Apart from the one time we had Warp as a featured card, or enlist, or riot cannons…)

I feel you they put season one cards then change the length of the season shorter then have us some generic chest that only gives Max 400 tokens with only one card extra no coins at all this game had become a money grab.but spending money now don’t feel the same as it did season ago where u got ur money’s worth’s lots of tokens lots of coins lots of cards now 100 bucks gets u nothing waste of money not spending one penny to this is fixed

Oh boy, lol! Typical « never happy ». People complained for weeks that they started game in season 2 and they are missing season 1 cards (especially warp). Now people can get warp for free, and still some complain… Waiting for historical players to complain that this season is useless as the season card chest are giving poor cards…

Sure I can get warp, after many many events since people whom started during season 1 take spots 1-10 in my bracket because their units are actually leveled. I earned about 8 K tokens for this event (Ranked 31), and it takes around 35000 to get ONE of the three legendary, and it’s still level 10.

I was in your bracket. You ended at about 25,000 medals compared to my 5,000. Of course, you 100% refreshed more than me. That’s fine. But I will never reach within top 10 like I used to when season 1 units were optional (And refreshing wasn’t so rampant). Even 10th place was around 10K medals.

I’m just saying that I’m worried that the events this season are too biased towards the people who already maxed their season 1 units already, while people starting from season 2 like me will not be able to catch up since our units are very underleveled. It IS a complaint, but one I feel is a valid one. The events are not fair, even capping the unit level like the current arena won’t solve anything, as I’m not playing in a level 6 capped event match for 5 medals.

Then again, I suppose there isn’t a way to fix this…

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No need to worry. They locked them😂

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What is refreshing? How do you do it?

It’s paying diamonds to refresh your event tickets. Costs 75 at first, then goes up in price by 50 for every new refresh. Back when we didn’t have many diamonds, 6 refreshes (2 a day for the weekend events.) was enough for me to place 1st in my events.