Wild Beyond: State of the Game #1


Season’s Greetings, Commanders!

One month ago players like you all over the world set out to build an army, explore the galaxy, and make some unlikely friends along the way. Since then, over 5 million battles have been fought! On behalf of all the men and women who have helped create Wild Beyond, we want to extend a heartfelt thank-you for letting us share this game with you.

Today, we’re taking a little bit of time to do a retrospective on what the first month of Wild Beyond has looked like, and preview the game’s direction and future updates. As always, please keep in mind that schedules and priorities are always shifting in the Strange Sevens studio, so anything mentioned here could change!

Feedback Helps Us Grow

Everyone has been very vocal about the things in the game that have frustrated them since launch, and we’re very sensitive to all of this feedback. After all, we’re players too! Hearing from you helps us understand where to focus to make the game feel a lot more fun to play. Throughout the coming year, we’re going to continue investing in growing our relationship with you all and tackling the biggest issues brought up. We want to make submitting feedback a little easier and are exploring other ways to engage directly with the community early next year. We have some ideas, but aren’t quite ready to share them just yet.

What We’ve Addressed

We’ve heard you loud and clear over the last few weeks on a number of important issues. Update v1.90 is addressing a lot of the pain points that have been brought up, so let’s briefly go over them:


We heard an overwhelming amount of feedback about matchmaking feeling lopsided. Part of the problem here was that the single leaderboard rank system tried to take too many things into account (faction, skill, etc.) to figure out who to match you with without showing you those things. For example, previously you could match with a high-level player playing their weakest faction, and it could look like an unfair fight when it wasn’t. Now, the new system splits out your ranking by faction, so you’re matched based on how well you perform per faction instead. We’ll be closely monitoring how this affects ranked play, and making adjustments as needed in the coming months.

Ranking/Medal System:

Another aspect of matchmaking that we heard a lot of was that medal gains were small, while medal losses were large, in particular at high ranks. This also meant that some players felt there was little reward in the risk in queueing up for ranked play. While the splitting out of rank by faction should help with this, we also saw this as an opportunity to introduce monthly rewards for ranking up.

Progression feels slow:

Upgrading your units and commanders is key to doing well in battle, but it took a lot of time, effort, and resources to do. Sometimes it felt a little too daunting to strengthen your army. Now that there’s even more opportunities to play your “off” factions, this is extra-important to address. In v1.90, we greatly reduced coin costs for earlier card levels, returning a sizable portion to players, tweaked level progression, and drastically reduced the amount of raw time it took to upgrade cards.

Running out of things to do:

Some players reached very late stages of the game in terms of card progression and rank and felt a drought of activities to do. Others who were less-progressed still felt a little bit of a void in their regular play. Version 1.90 hopes to help address this with new campaign missions that usher us along on our Commanders’ legendary journey and upcoming Tournament events. Available tournament units change every week, so construct special event decks mixing and matching from different factions to dominate the battlefield!

Seeking Balance:

Like the other points above, we definitely don’t want to paint this one as “mission accomplished”. However, many unit balance changes made it in to v1.90 to give each faction some different options in how to play, but balance changes are just the beginning. To change up the meta and keep the game fresh, we’re working on some new tools for each faction to use next year. More on this in “What’s Next?”.


Did we miss anything? I’m sure we did. Let us know what points you want to see discussed in future State of the Games!

What’s Next?

Before we begin, we want to be absolutely clear that:

1. Units, tactics, and all other content shown here may change without notice
2. Any art, gameplay, and game screenshots shown are still in development, and may never end up in the game.

Now that that’s out of the way…


Wild Beyond’s first “season” will feature the launch of brand new unit and tactics cards, opening the door to more creative and powerful strategies. Whether you are a single-faction diehard or a well-rounded tactician, we’ll be introducing new cards of different rarities that add interesting twists to hand management and battlefield counterplay.

We want there to be more “ways to play” for each faction, and while these are liable to change, here are some goals for the future and the respective units we’re testing at the moment.

  • Improve viability of Ascension’s early-game
  • Introduce card/hand manipulation mechanics, like increasing card draw
  • Shore up some current holes in the unit set

We’ll be sure to share the love with our existing cards, too! We’re carefully monitoring gameplay balance and adjusting individual cards as-needed to ensure that all factions and many different strategies remain competitively viable. We’ve also got a visual redesign on tap for both Storm Kestrel and Sentinel, to help improve gameplay clarity.

Wild Beyond for Android

We’re hard at work building out the Android version of the game. As with every platform change, there are quite a few technical challenges along this path. There’s no definite timeline quite yet, but as we get closer, expect to hear more!


We spoke briefly about Tournament events above, but this deserves another mention. Our first incoming event will be “Beast Mode”, which pits you against other players to vie for valuable prizes. In the near future a few different variations for these events will come up, and in the future, we hope to incorporate some more “interesting” mechanics that you may not expect.

That’s all we can share for now, but as the new year comes around, we may have more to show. Stay tuned for more!

Happy Holidays!

Last, but not least, all of us here would like to extend our warmest holiday wishes to you and those most dear to you this holiday season. No matter how you’re celebrating this year, we hope it’s with smiles on faces and happiness in your hearts. We want to share our excitement this holiday season and celebrate the launch of Wild Beyond with you, so we’ve gifted everyone 800 diamonds to use in the Store, Gauntlet, or however else you wish in the game! Simply log in from now until January 8th. Thank you for playing, and we’ll see you in the new year!

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