Wild Beyond 1.86 Update and Downtime



We recently discovered an unintended aspect of our 2v2 system which allowed players to infinitely match up against AI opponents instead of other players. This has allowed some players to artificially inflate their rank, putting them outside of matchmaking ranges which ends up negatively impacting everyone by making it impossible for those players to be matched. We are in the process of implementing a fix for this, with the following actions:

  • Make it impossible for players to infinitely match against AI opponents
  • Bring all players above Diamond 1 back to Diamond 1 in order to remove the large gains from this exploit and make sure players can successfully matchmake against each other
  • There will be a brief game downtime to implement this fix.
  • All players will receive a credit based on how much they were impacted by this issue.

This fix may result in increased matchmaking times for 2v2 matches, which is something we will be closely monitoring. We sincerely apologize for the trouble this issue has caused players.

This update will also include fixes for the Shadowblade invulnerability issue as well as improving game connections and stability.


Yay for Buggy Assassin bug fix but nay for the rank down. :l


I’d love to understand how some of us who grinder pretty hard to get our rank gets nerfed so much by this update. I feel punished for not doing anything wrong. What’s the remedy for us who dropped significantly?


Really, I can’t understand for this reset… this bug with the shadowblade ist already long time, but doesn’t justify a reset…

When you know who use the bug, then ban them or reset this players but not all…
And what is the reason for the longer queue for the 2on2?
To less player or you don’t want that? I prefer also an extra 2on2 ladder…
Why is still the bug there, that the closed private chats comes always back, after start the app new?
Why I can sometimes no private chat start??
Which status has this game? Pre Alpha?
The performance is very bad too…


Ok so this is clearly targeted towards me and Todd as we went on to reach 3300 medals. First of all, we had to have gotten there in the first place. We never purposefully inflated our rank to reach such stage. We didnt even know we were playing against AI, and this mere fact can be explained by one thing and one thing only. Poor game design. Please dont go about accusing us of doing things that were against your ToS, because after all, all we did was to play the game. You’re literally talking down on your most dedicated and active players in all of the game… And to remove 850 medals from us? To not give any statement afterwards? You are literally burying this game to the Ground and I have seen activity fall drastically in just the past day. I’m giving this game another week and If nothing is changed, I’m happily quitting. This has to be one of the worst ways to go about solving a problem and furthermore not answering questions after such a transparent design flaw? Wow.


I’m sorry for that Krissy. You’re one of my goals in Nova. :frowning: anyway, hope that they could fix the issue soon. The game is really good guys


Hi folks. I appreciate that players such as yourself spent a large amount amount of time playing 2v2 matches to rank up, but those matches were not against evenly matched players. We had to do that rank reset to make sure players are accurately being matched in a way that’s competitive for everyone participating. This kind of action is something we do not do lightly and we’re trying to make sure we don’t have to do something like this again in the future.

We also released compensation to all players impacted by this based on the severity of their lost Rank so that players most affected were fairly compensated.

The fix to the 2v2 issue also reduced the likelihood of being matched against an AI opponent, which is impacting the queue times. This is something we’re carefully monitoring.

We are still in the process of fixing bugs as they come in. If you encounter any issues in the game, please report them here or with our support team and we’ll make sure they get looked into.

No one is making an accusation here. We definitely feel responsible for allowing this issue out into the wild, but letting players have the inflated rank would make it so that they weren’t able to be matched with anyone given the current matchmaking system.