Why, in the event, do I keep playing people that


Okay in that case yes there are unwinnable games all the time. I don’t think I even have a lvl 16 card in my deck and run into full lvl17 boosted players, or boosted players with majority lvl17s frequently.

I’m not saying I never win, but especially when near the peak elo that the system thinks I should be at I’ll get slammed by full lvl17 boosted players many many games in a row until my elo has been “corrected”

It’s one thing losing to an actual champion playing their deck and quite another getting max boosted after max boosted player because I’ve done too well for awhile.

There needs to be a limit on the deck power difference when fighting a boosted player, and if there is already a limit it needs to be decreased.

This has nothing to do with changing how the system works fundamentally and queue times and whatnot and everything to do with just tuning the system slightly, i.e. giving the boosted player a deck with a bit less power, or if they have a deck with the power of a top 10 player’s real deck they shouldn’t be shown as a diamond 1 so at least when there’s unwinnable matches we aren’t loosing an extremely large amount of medals for playing an unwinnable game vs an over-boosted player.

I’m using the term unwinnable with a grain of salt as it’s more like only winnable if I get the perfect deck, they get a crap deck, and they fall asleep.

Again, I’m specifically talking about 1v1 ranked. I haven’t felt any issues in events, or it’s so rare for me in events that I don’t notice. But it sounds like this is fundamentally the exact same issue @CrispyLardon and others are experiencing in events.

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And since you were asking to be notified of examples. Last two battles, they weren’t full lvl17 boosted players but close enough to not make a difference. I probably would have had a shot if I RNGd the perfect deck order but these were grossly uneven. Right now I’m at the lowest end of the leagues I bounce between with this deck, I was a game away from challenger yesterday so these aren’t severe examples.

On the plus side their assigned medal or league values weren’t atrociously unreasonable this time so at least the lost points weren’t as extreme as it can be.

First off, I wanna say thanks for all the insight into what you guys are working on to improve the game. It was very detailed I actually learned a good amount. My question is are you guys going to attempt to implement the current ranked 1v1 system in 2v2? (I’m sorry if this was already answered and I missed it) Secondly, I noticed you typically earn a lot less medals for close ranked matches in 2v2 vs 1v1. Is this intentional to encourage more 1v1 play?

Hi @گھᏥخ۷۷۲څگ!

The man sitting next to me is coding it as I type this. For various reasons it’s surprisingly more difficult and time consuming to program than the 1v1 modes.

Honestly I have no idea! As far as I know we don’t have any intentional code in the system to encourage rank to move more in one mode than the other. The team definitely has put way more effort in hardening the 1v1 mode. Now that 1v1 relatively more robust than it was 6 months ago, we can start burning down the issues found in 2v2.

We haven’t made a bunch of fanfare of it, but the most recent v2.22 update from 3 days ago has had a big effect on networking quality in 2v2. Since last week our dashboards say we’ve cut our networking problems in 2v2 by 1/5! It’s very dangerous work (if we mess up we can ruin the entire game) so we need to work slowly and carefully on this, but we’re still continuing to whittle away problems in our networking layer.

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@S7campusLifer were you able to finish the little project we had going on?

@CrispyLardon I have not… lots of deadlines this week :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s on my todo list though

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I’m really getting frustrated with essentially knowling when I see a non-existent player that I will lose because they will have better cards than me no matter what. I loved facing a guy with all 17 legendary cards that doesn’t exist from a guild that doesn’t exist. The problem is there are a lot more lower players than higher players. LOWER PLAYERS SHOULD EXPECT TO LOSE AGAINST HIGHER PLAYERS. The number are such that they shouldn’t always be playing against us. The boosting is too high. Just tune it down a couple of levels and see what happens. I doubt you will see close to the complaining because they will still win part of the time against higher players they come against and will more often be against real players anyway. But I can tell you between bots and Val being so overpowered in events if it weren’t for the season tokens I wouldn’t even be bothering. It would be an essentially ununsed part of the game like gauntlet is right now.

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Hi @Lyth @CrispyLardon @Pandread

Serious question: Let’s say the players you’re losing to in these situations were actually bots. Would that feel better than what you’re feeling about this system? Let’s say you were winning/losing against these bots in the exact same way you are now, and they had the same decks and same skill level. Would that feel emotionally better if it were a bot you were playing against instead of these boosted players if they did exactly the same thing?

Hi @Lyth. I just looked through your battle history over the last few days. From what I’m seeing, in your specific case, it looks to me like this system is benefiting you personally more than hurting you. I don’t want to go and start posting specifics about your battle history and win rate without your permission, but if you’re ok with me talking about the details in a public forum I could describe what I’m seeing.

A few things:

  1. Would these bots or people have decks at your level or stronger(they tend to be stronger)
  2. If you have to fight something higher designed to make you lose then should you have to use a ticket(which costs money), honestly I don’t think so.
  3. it could probably have some elements of each but right now the fact that is has all those things stacked against you is where I think people have the biggest issues.
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A lot of the feedback is around “they’re getting something for free they didn’t work for it.” I’m just trying to understand the emotional response.

Let’s say it was exactly 100% exactly the same as it was now, but it was bots.

Is that better or worse or same?

I could be wrong but that’s just the icing on the cake. Presenting people with a no win situation as essentially a punishment for high performance is what I think is the stress point. Whatever form it takes people will be unhappy. It’s like asking. Do you want me to murder you by drowning or stabbing and people are hoping to mostly have an option where they don’t die.

So the direct answer I think is same. But the fact that it was given to players just added insult to injury.

Obviously that’s an extreme analogy but being specifically offered bleak options as a response to them performing is the biggest issue.

One thing I would like to ask…do you think it’s a lack of player base or is a lack of high end players because it has become increasingly more expensive and they are quitting?

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Depends on how well your bots were programmed to play, if they were the same as overboosted players I reckon the response would still be negative.

It wouldn’t change anything for me, I’d still be here complaining about wasting event tickets to over-tuned bots if their sole purpose is to make us lose.

I think you are missing the point here, on ladder, sure, it’s more an emotional response to people getting free card levels. But in the event, where every game matters and most games cost money to play, it’s beyond an emotional response . Events are the best way to further your collection, so it’s taken very seriously. People should win games on their own merits, and if the que is too long, then they should win a fair fight with equal card levels for both players. No one should be getting an advantage in a pay to play game mode, tickets are a precious commodity.

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Also if you want to discuss my match history here I am okay with that.

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When the game is not fun and fair why play it? There are a lot of games like this that I am putting my money into. Playing for an hour to win three games does not make sense. Enjoy your game

When this is all distilled…i don’t understand why there seems such a gap in understanding when you are basically proposing that people pay even more to be put in artificially and unrewarding scenarios. I mean…why would anyone want that? It’s one thing if you’re facing another’s player but falsified levels and bots designed so that you can’t win? Really? -____-

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I don’t think there’s any gap in understanding. It’s designed like that to try to get players without maxed decks to spend in order to be able to more regularly beat the system. It’s been a general standard for this genre of game for nearly a decade now so it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone at this point, just in this specific case it’s tuned fairly aggressive.

I’m thinking of abandoning this game since after a long winning streak I kept being fed overboosted bots/players. This game now brings me more frustrations than fun. I paid decent money for the card level I’m having now and kept encountering the overpowered bots which always had better cards and shuffle than me. Even though I know the intention of the bot system was not to overwhelm players like me but just think when you paid for ticket refresh and only got maxed out bots. That’s not feeling good…

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I’m not sure why you think that the bots are helping me, clearly if you just had them fighting unboosted or more reasonably boosted I would do better, for example I just played 3 fights, the first 2 were bots as far as I can tell and they destroyed me, then I faced a higher level player and I lost there too but at least I know I’m fighting someone real with real cards they earned. Most of my fights against bots as far as I can tell are losses or a heck of a lot closer than they should be. I’m tired of players I’ve never seen from guilds I’ve never heard of having better decks then me and the hundreds of dollars I spent on this game to get my deck.

I understand the issue that makes you use bots, we keep saying over and over that you have them overtuned, tell you what decrease the degree you boost them by a level or 2 and stop boosting season cards that really cost us to get and level and see if it makes everyone happy and then we can have a discussion about it.

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