Why I am consistently placed in event pools without hope?

So last event the disparity of total event unit levels between me and first place was around 70 total unit levels. 70! And in this event it increased to a staggering 87! This is ridiculous. How can I possibly compete with someone that much higher? First off that is totally unfair as I have no way of possibly getting in the top rankings even if I played perfectly and bought a hundred extra tickets. Second I have little to no incentive to buy extra tickets because their value to me has decreased significantly since I can’t place highly. It seems to me it would be much better for your bottom line to induce competitive play in the event pools to promote more purchasing of tickets. Such total event unit level disparity within the event pool should not be allowed and we should be placed in pools where everyone has a fighting chance…

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To be fair, the bracket you get placed in doesn’t really effect who you fight against. You can play people from many different brackets and the matchmaking is determined by both your total available deck power as well as your skill I.e win rate against higher and lower opponents. However, the higher players tend to be more competitive in their medal count because the coin prizes are much more meaningful as your unit upgrades go up in cost.

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@DavyWonder Yup. I totally agree. My Commander is level 11. I just fought opponents with Commanders level 16, 16, 17, 14, 13. If S7 insists on using this stupid system of β€œhey you’re too good to be fighting people your own level, go take on that guy that’s 6 levels above you,” then there at least needs to be a common sense limit to that b.s. I just lost four matches in a row. I went to bed at #1, woke up at #4, lost 4/4 and I’m basically done in the tournament due to the scaled points award. Come on S7.

Yeah the reward for being good is being moved up until you are mediocre.


Actually I’m not referring to the individual event matchups, that is a topic that has been discussed over and over again. I’m referring to how in my last two brackets or event pools the top 3 or so players had somewhere between 50-85 more individual unit upgrades than I do and how that discrepancy is ridiculous as I have no possible way of getting in the top three even if I play perfect and buy a bunch of tickets. Those players all need to be in a higher bracket of their own…There is no hope.

Unlucky, the guy winning my bracket is gold, second is diamond, fourth is gold, and fifth is diamond

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Yea what I was trying to say before was your actual unit level doesn’t exactly translate to a better win rate in matchups. We all should be starting off with 300 medals per win and as you loose you should get less and less. However, that’s sometimes screwed up by matchmaking that’s far from perfect.

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Savvy I’ve had a perfect event with no losses and still don’t get 300 medals when I’m up to 11 wins… still didn’t get first cause of the PTW but got close :man_shrugging:

there has always been drop offs in medals as your medal count hits certain milestones a big one is 3k I generally see a big drop and if you won 10 straight for 300 a pop the math would line up for you as well


I’m not sure what these numbers 70 / 87 mean. Can you please describe more specifically?

My understanding is that event leaderboard brackets are determined by grouping people who have upgraded their card collection a similar number of times. Unless there’s a bug, that implies that you have a similar number of card upgrades as the people in your leaderboard (at least, more-so than you do with the other leaderboards.)

For sure there are further optimizations that could be done to make it even tighter (eg scope the calculation so it looks at only the cards in the event card pool instead of your entire collection, or weigh it differently if someone went and upgraded all their cards 1-2 levels broadly across all factions as opposed to fewer cards up to 17 levels.)

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The leaderboard brackets vary significantly in terms of where the players stand with their decks. Going by the power level listed for the event the variation player to player in the same bracket is in the thousands.

For example in the current event in my bracket the lowest player is 15200 power level and the highest is 25200.

Like Lyth was saying I’m talking about the total event unit powers that are listed next to each person in your event bracket. As far as I understand 100 points in the total event unit power equals one unit upgrade. So following that logic if I am listed at 25000 total event unit power level and the top 3 players in my bracket are listed at 32000+ that is a difference of 7000 total event unit power which would correspond to having 70 more upgrades than I do for the event units. You can see that there is little hope in beating someone with such a stronger deck than mine own (I understand I probably won’t actually be facing them one on one in fights) but with such higher level decks they will have higher ELO and be able to get more medals per win as they play against higher level players.

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I have been placed against players with at least 2 unit level above me in all of my battles… i find it a fun challenge to compete against higher players. I learn strategy from them and I have such a great deck for this event(1st place) so I have a great win to lose ratio.

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