Why do some People in the current Event have other Units?

I was Playing vs a guy named Billy. He had Units in his Deck which i could not choose from. (For example Pyro which is Not Even in the current Deck available) In my opinion this can be an advantage over others. Please have a look @ this.

Thanks - we’ll take a look.

Hes Rank 1 @ the current Event for your Info. Playing with pyros and chuckie. I can give u a timestamp of a replay if needed.

I just experienced the same thing. Dude had Ice Acolyte, Pyro and Chuckie, of all things.

So Billy was moved into my bracket where I was leading by a considerable margin. Now he’s in 1st that he got by exploiting a glitch 4 hours before the event ends. This is beyond unfair.

There was no exploiting of a glitch. I have the same issue. I created my deck right when event started and I had different units available. Specifically yes I have pyro and raptor in my event deck but I did not have any time warp legendaries available when I was creating my deck. But later in the day the units available changed. That’s not my fault

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The team is looking into it. I’m not trying to be rude, but the testimony of an alliance member doesn’t count for much. Either way, he should not have been moved into a different bracket so late in the event.

I agree he shouldn’t have been pushed to a different bracket. That’s not fair to the guys in the brackets

And as for an alliance member vouching for him. That’s fine if you want to discount that. I know what I’ve done and what I’ve experienced in the game and it is consistent to what billy did. You can disregard if you want. No reason for me to lie.

I want fair play too

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Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We did an investigation into the issue last night and we didn’t find any signs of unfair play or exploits being used. A likely cause of this is due to some checks we need to make sure we plug up on our end to ensure that this can’t be done in the future. This is something we’re looking into now and will aim to have added in.

The player, Billy, ended up going into a different leaderboard after this check but we will be working to compensate the players in the leaderboard for the correct rewards as if Billy were not in the leaderboard. For example, second place will get a credit later to give them second place.

We’ll be working on getting this out by the end of the day.

I have a question. Billy was moved from a leaderboard where he would have been 4th or 5th with his medal count, to a leaderboard where he was in 1st. I have pictures of his medal count from both leaderboards. This seems like some sort of favoritism and I know I’d like an explanation. Not sure about everyone else.