Why can’t you use AI as opponents in battles?


Sometimes there just aren’t many users to be online to be matched, and you do have AI capabilities. Why can’t you just introduce an AI player when there are no real people playing? Frankly we the users don’t care as long as we get our chests.


I don’t think it’s quite right to generalize that people only play PvP when chests are available. In fact, we can tell that this isn’t the case from our data. Unfortunately, while we have the capability of making AI opponents such as those in the campaign missions and Boss Blitz, their predictability and reactive strategies will eventually be outclassed by real human players as soon as they enter the mid- to high ranks. It’s an option we keep in our minds, but right now, our hope is to get more humans across all ranks to be able to quickly match up in a reasonable amount of time.

Side thought: fear the day when IBM’s Watson learns how to play Wild Beyond.

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