Why can’t you just give me 300 medals for first win like everyone else?

Please be sure that in the upcoming paragraph I am mostly being dramatic and I’m not really that pissed.

Ok ladies and gents. Pull up a chair and grab your popcorn. I’m going to be giving live updates on how to screw your customers at the event. When you get your first win. 300 medals minimum right? Wrong. Only if you’re not me, you get 200? Ok guys. Get it together. You still owe me compensation for the boom event. Are we going to go for this one too? I’m starting to get a little unhappy again.

Yeah, the way event medals are done is such a crapshoot

Got some updates here. I’ve missed a few. I forgot to screenshot. But here is what I’ve got.

And here is Coujo, a really cool dog. We need to take a breath and just admire this wonderful beast.



It’s definitely confusing. I’ve tried to better explain it here: Number of medals rewarded

@Jed I applaud your data collection effort. You might set up a public spreadsheet and have people enter data there if you want to collect it in bulk.

EDIT: Closing this thread so we can continue the discussion in one place (at the thread I linked please: Number of medals rewarded).