Why can’t I play boss blitz solo anymore, and why did they add a power requirement

Why the heck can’t I play Boss Blitz solo anymore? And why the frick is there a power level minimum associated with boss blitz now? I was easily spanking the bosses before the update, now if no one in the league has the power requirement we cant progress past a certain point. And then you can’t progress any quest that requires “winning 3 boss blitz” battles as a requirement . Dumb!:nauseated_face::nauseated_face::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:


I agree plus trying to get teammates to help with higher levels is impossible. I have been at level 10 Boss Blitz for more than two weeks and cannot get any higher ranks to team up. It would better to let lower rank players to team with higher rank or making it single or double player our choice

I agree that boss blitz should be able to be soloed.

I agree that having a power recommendation but not requirement is more appropriate.

I however think that the fact that you can’t get any higher levels in your guild to help you in boss blitz reflects poorly on your guild. While there are occasions in my guild no one is available or in the mood to run a boss blitz those are few and far between. People are generally willing to help in a good guild.

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I find this change super frustrating as well. I’m in Royal Guard, and although we are very, very active, a lot of times no one wants to do boss blitz because now it seems like a chore.

Having to beat 3 blitz’s to complete a quest is kinda dumb. I don’t remember seeing anyone complaining about the blitz before this change, so what gives? You guys have no problem implementing something that we don’t want, and are VERY vocal about, but you won’t do what we ask? Ridiculous

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