Why Bother Anymore?

Why am I being put up against level 15 commanders when clearly I am not even near being able to defend myself!??? :rage:

I mean, events are pretty much all there is to look forward to and now I’m losing or giving up immediately b/c I am constantly being pitted against higher decks than my own.


@Tekk Your upgrade lab looks alot like mine. I just got crushed by a guy dropping lvl 17 Lightbringers and Vangaurds on my lvl 13’s. I couldn’t stop the roll. I was told in another thread I was matched against Chuckles because I had 1 lvl 17 card in my asc deck. So why am I fighting these kinds of opponents? Seems like the knife isn’t consistently cutting both ways.



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Unfortunately, our playerbase has fewer players the higher up you go. As you approach the time, matchmaking bands become wider or else these people won’t have anyone to play against.

It’s unclear to me what the average card level of you and your opponent are from these screenshots — for sure there are some high cards but also some very low ones. Yes he has a level 17 tank, but he has Goo Dogs and barricades much lower than yours. Where does it average out for each side? How far apart are the averages?

Also, note the matchmaker currently based on ELO, not on your card levels —- it doesn’t even know what card levels you have. Many players are skilled enough to “punch up from their weight class” defeat players with decks with an average card level 1-3 higher than their own. If you’ve been defeating people in this way, the ELO algorithm will keep showing you more difficult opponents until it figured out where the fixpoint is. You can learn more about ELO here https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elo_rating_system

It would be recommended you stop advertising usage of ELO in the game. You might feel it makes look professional, however that is the opposite as an ELO system is clearly not adapted to a game where everyone plays with different “items” level. It is nice to have hear you finally decided to move away from it in future. If you don t want to lose the face, maybe keep it, but add a lower weight factor compare to the factor relative to deck strength.


Matched against Chuck? Whats the bad thing there? Easy win as I see it :joy:

Lol. The gauntlet has been thrown down. :fire::fire::fire:

I’m just trying to describe the system that exists. A variant of ELO is used in pretty much any game with an automated matchmaker. It’s even used in games with asymmetric factions and games with power progression. Eg Starcraft uses it to match players playing different factions, League of Legends uses it to match players with different hero’s, amounts of progression of skillpoints/runes, Hearthstone uses it to match a player base which has players with decks containing the very best cards and players who only have the starter cards. If you want an automated matchmaker in a video game — it’s the natural choice.

Whatever you call the system that’s in place it’s garbage. There should be a maximum level advantage allowed period. I’ve been keeping track and what really bothers me about this system is that I often punch up 3 or 4 levels in events forcing me into losses but absolutely never punch down more than 2 levels for the guaranteed wins. It’s a rigged system to force you to spend crystals in events as far as I can tell


Matchups are an ongoing issue.

Have yet to see a good implementation of ELO yet.


We have a really close war going so I just bought 4 more tickets. All four opponents were lvled more than me and since I got terrible draws I lost all four

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This happened to me last event! It’s as if the odds are even worse if you pay gems for more battle tickets!!

What the fork is that about!??


And here we go again with the lack of player base excuse…


Wonder why the player base is eroding?

Now it’ll be non-existent. They killed the game with this idiotic update

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The ‘player base’ is only going to get smaller as the devs refuse to listen to players.

It’s painfully obvious that the last upgrade is entirely about getting players to spend even more money. Pushing players to upgrade their unwanted factions, increase in costs to upgrade units…etc etc.

Seriously S7. This is/was a fun iOS type platform game. It’s not the latest version of ‘Call of Duty’ or similar…which can be purchased in its entirety for PS4/XBox for less than half the price of one of your bogus gems packs.

Every aspect of this game has become about bleeding money to be competitive. I guess there’s plenty of numbskulls online though willing to bleed it.


If you leave the game, be sure to leave a review in the App Store.

A lot of long-time players on this game are going over to COD. You literally don’t have to spend any money on that game to be competitive. We actually have an alliance set up over there specially for disgruntled Wild Beyond players lol. The people that had been spending money here are taking their money there, even though it’s a true F2P


What’s the name of the alliance? I might check it out if you say or allowed to say.


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What’s COD? I’m looking for something decent now. 3 yrs playing this, never got bored. Now, it’s all pretty pointless.

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