Why are we still getting season 3 tokens in event?!

Why are the season tokens in event reward tree still from last season! Please fix ASAP!


Because they were too busy building out and testing the new units, Max. C’mon. You can’t expect perfection on the first day with all this innovation… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But seriously, I’m not too upset about season 4 being season 2 rebooted; it’s nice for those who couldn’t get or max the nice season 2 units. But there’s really not much excuse for the season to drop with old currencies in place or, God forbid, season 3 cards dropping from chests (haven’t seen this yet, just an example). It’s just sloppy.

They had to spend a lot of dev time adding the cool bot animation on the load screen cuz you know that’s more important than actual game play

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Yeah what’s the point in the event if your getting season tokens you can’t use. And also what about the rewards we’ve already claimed?

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It’s such a basic thing that has massive impact, I think people tried so many things and if things like this is the culmination of it all, that’s as good as it gets. I think that’s the last straw. Was going to try and just max the old season 2 units but now cannot even do that and wasted all that time/effort/currency getting useless tokens for a season that’s over.

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These Devs have completely lost it. They took a game with allot of potential and just destroy it out of greed and stupidity.