Why are we playing so many boosted bots in the arena!

This is ridiculous. I can tell almost all the people I play in the arenas are boosted bots! If you search for these alliances of players I’m playing, u can’t even find them. And they are all fully leveled up cards for the arena and seem to generate energy faster than I do.

Your player base is really abandoning your game and you have no one else to match us up against?

Everyday I play, I feel it is getting worst.

Playing games is a waste of time enough. Playing this games feels doubly waste now. Especially against these bots.


I’ve been told that they are boosted players that have names and alliances randomised.

Hi. There’s already an active thread with hundreds of replies describing how/why this happens. It contains a bunch of details (eg the system never does anything where one wide earns energy faster than the other — if you can find a replay where one side is actually earning energy faster I’d love to see it, because that would be a bug.

Please continue the conversation in the thread with the context