Why are event pairings so bad?

I got paired with gold players twice in a row. I am still in bronze come on guys.

Because bronze isn’t being taken into account and shouldn’t be. I didn’t spend a dollar and got to gold in a week. Anything before diamond should be able to match with each other. You’re definitely still in the beginner stage.

@NRage @Trey7

I responded to a similar message in another thread. Here’s what I said:

Idk man matching with people who have troop lvls 3+ above yours is really rough.

I just matched with someone who had level 16 reapers lol but I won so it could be looked at as an extra challenge, “super fun fun time mode” :joy:

Don’t know what all the complaining is about, my current event deck ranges from lvl 10 to 15 and ALL (well at least 3/4) of my matches are against 17s

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