Why am I fighting player with level 14-15 cards when I have 1 level 12 card

Some how for some reason suddenly all I see are players with level 14 and 15 cards and I’m sitting here with a level 12 dead-eye? How in any way is this supposed to lead to a fun game? I’ve done done nothing but get stomped. by them only to hope and pray that I find someone that’s even on level. This goes with the event for me as well with how now I’ve been moved up to a new level or soemthign and same as in regular play it’s nothing but big level cards stomping me. I’ve been playing less and less because it’s like the only way for me to even try to compete would be to spend hundreds of dollars to try and get on their level. I loved this game at first but I think it’s time for me put it down.

Hi @Retenish

If you’re experiencing this problem today, here’s what I believe is happening. Yesterday we had a “rank reset.” Most of the month, the playerbase has their rank spread out between Gold 1, Gold 2, … Diamond 6, Challenger. Once a month, players get their rank chest shipment, the ranks get “reset” and players all get pushed down into a much smaller band of Gold1, … Diamond1. Since everyone is jammed into this much smaller rank band, the matchups are much less precise. For a while before players climb back up the ranks it can result in pretty bad match up. It will be significantly better in a couple of days.

We are discussing ways of making this problem better.

Well on top of this some players intentionally down rank one of their factions to be able to knock down players who are coming up in the ranks. Sometimes it’s just cause they like fighting weaker foes and since only the top faction matters they can do this with no negatives. I’m not sure what the fix to this is since if you start counting all 3 factions it just makes more of a pay to win game which will make more people quit.

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Agree with @Lyth that there is always some amount of this problem, but I’d say it’s exacerbated about 10x in the time period following a rank reset.

It is on our roadmap to fix both things.

The problem is when you hit the reset the game immediately become no fun to play. I was running my little gold 2 faction with maybe one level 14 card and I’m almost constantly out against people with 15 and up for almost everything, frequently I get paired in 2v2 with another low gold or high silver and we are against a pair of players from the same alliance who are both diamond. You can’t win those it wastes time and it’s not fun. It’s not even like we can fight hard and hope to win it’s just a rout every time.

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