Why am I being team up with a bot?

I know that you would recognise a bot by seeing them using emoticons that is not part of the default 6 emoticons. And the one i am team up with is a bot. No wonder its strategy is a bit off. In the end we lost to opponents with level 14 troops. Mine has a max of level 11.

The question is why am I team up with bots? First, I am concerned with my ability, now I am concerned that the matchmaking is only fulfilled by me teaming up with a bot. Just for the sake of pushing through with the match.

I searched for the alliance and verified that CATLOVERS do not exist:

When you tap the 2v2 button, choose the option on the right to play with your alliance and the game will wait until one of your real, live teammates decides to help you.

So you’re saying real players happen to be teamed up with bots too?

Hi! There’s a long discussion on this topic of bots and “live bots” in this thread: Why, in the event, do I keep playing people that. Please continue the discussion there.

The short answer is “We don’t have enough players. if we didn’t put in these bots, everyone would wait an unacceptably long time to find a match. We really wish we didn’t have to do this and hope that it goes away in the case that the playerbase grows enough.