Why am I always matched with players 2-4 levels above me?

I’m a level 12 at most and trying to climb the ladder up to a better rank. Curiously I’ve been matched 4 consecutive times with opponents who are 2-4 levels above me, not to mention sometimes with better deck than I do. My usual counter tactics are no use against them since their levels are simply too high for me to make a damage. I served good entertainment and confidence-boosting purposes to them, but my rank looks as much like a joke as my resistance against those high players. How does the matching algorithm work now with respect to Events? I could only find answers to algorithms for 1v1 games and top-level players. What happens to the middle or lower guys? Are we acting as bottom of an entertainment-chain to honor the top players now?

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You’re probably complaining about the same issues you see higher lvl players complaining about

Complaining it might be, I’m asking about the matching algorithms in the Events and for lower-level guys, while many high-level guys were asking algorithms at their level since number of players are scarce. There may be a difference. I just hope the devs won’t be ignorant on player’s feedback.

What I meant is I think the algorithms are similar regardless of level. I regularly play a high deck and a few low decks and the trends are very similar if not the same.

Regarding events matchmaking there is a very long thread about this devs have said 1v1 and event matchmaking use the same algorithms

Same here. I am concluding that almost everybody is lvl 17. Hehehe

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