Why 2v2 still need alliance?

Yes, i though this update we can 2v2 in arena with a quick match so that we don’t need anyone from alliance to join like it was in the old update( before v.2.50) and we can find a match easier because not every alliance is active enough to join every time we wanted to play 2v2 especially in level 43 arena above :facepunch::sunglasses:

Maybe because everyone cry on forum that they wanted 2vs2 as a great opportunity to play with their team mates as part of community? It is in fact very frustrating to have to wait 10-15min without having a MM, even a bot. So 2 potential origins for that: 1) people claims they want 2s back, but then don t play it. Or 2) devs programmed something buggy. Ok 3) maybe a mix of both 1&2.

I think a lot of players who got disappointed with 2v2 (among other things) quit the game and have probably not hopped back yet since the update.

My alliance and I keep waiting for people on join so we can play, but there is no one. I sometimes wait for someone in my alliance to join, but they aren’t online. If people are allowed to 2v2 with random people outside the alliance, then we would get quicker matches. It’s still fun playing and helping a random temporary teammate.

I came back only because they’ve added in 2v2 again.

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