Who wants to play the current 2v2?

Back then, we play 2vs2 because we get more rewards than 1vs1. Now there are the max daily coin limit to grind(Which would take quite a few games), and waiting for 2 v 2 could take forever. I personally feel like just doing the 1 v 1 to get it maxed out quicker. If you want us to like the game and not feel dull, please give us more incentives to play 2v2.

I know it’s a new update and all but sorry I still have to complain, it is what it is. When i feel my time is not well spent here I have to say it. With that many other games out there, if you guys want to compete, you really have to be up for all the problems and listen to the player base. And act on it.


Since there’s no real incentive to play, there’s no real incentive for me to buy in. 2v2 is why I played and the queues are dead. I don’t feel like I’m alone.

You are not alone…

You’re definitely not alone…

Yep, typical 2v2 scenario, especially at lvl 43+ is:

Wait 2 mins, nothing, crashes out

Wait another 2 mins, nothing …

Try again … wait 2 mins, get lvl 1 players???

Try again … play bots

Once in a blue moon get another real pair of players and then it’s game on, but the experience is not there right now.

Give out chests or some other rewards for doing 2v2 would help. But let’s see how generous they are to us, they have no problem having us to spend diamonds to buy tickets for events, and get matched pretty quickly.

Let’s be real here. No one wants to wait 2-10 minutes just to play one game. 2 v 2 at its current state is unplayable. I suggest closing off 1 vs 1 for certain hours of the day and only allow 2vs2. This might make the game a little more interesting. Tbh, I only go on to Grind my coins, quest, events, and hop off. Sometimes ask myself: Is this fun? Why am I playing this game? It’s like staying in a toxic relationship because you invested so much time in it. Just Kidding :rofl:

Queue times are super long because of this:

1st to wait for someone in alliance to join
2nd to wait for two other people in their alliance to join.

Before it was just wait for 4 random players who want to play 2v2 to join, so it was faster.

I came back for 2v2, so I am planning on quitting again.

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