Where is this chest at?

I believe that chest will appear on active event days.

So we can’t buy it t with gems? If not what good is having gems

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And why when I click it it takes me to the other chest where is the chest and d can get tokens at like last season the chest that cost 2k gems?

Interesting but not optimal.

I really hope y’all fix a lot of things y’all broken and continue to break like I have 50k gems and they just seem useless I would like to be able to buy chest again and 45 days for a season is not enough time to max anything if we can’t spend gems

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That doesn’t sound right. We’ll look into your case today.

We have verified that other players have opened Event Chests and received Dragonfly cards, so the chest isn’t “totally broken.”

We’ll look closer at your account history, but just doing some back of the envelope math:

  • There are 3x Season 1 cards in the event pool – a rare Dragonfly, an epic Dynamo and a legendary Riot Cannon.
  • For every event Chest opened, there is a 20% chance of a rare, 5% chance of an epic, 1% change of a legendary.
  • In the event pool, there are 6x rares (one is season 1), 5x epics (one is season1), and 5x legendaries (one is season1).

This means:

  • 20% * 1/6 => 3.3333% chance of Dragonfly.
  • 5% * 1/5 => 1% chance of Dynamo.
  • 1% * 1/5 => 0.2% chance of Riot Cannon.

That implies for every chest, there is an (1% + 3.333% + 0.2%) = 4.533% chance of getting a Season 1 card.

It is possible you just got really unlucky. If you spent 50k diamonds, at 750 diamonds a chest that implies you opened 66 chests. When opening 66 chests, there a ((100% - 4.533%) ^ 66) = ~4.67% chance that you get none of the season 1 cards in this case.


  • I looked through your logs. It appears you’ve received 3x season 1 Dragonfly cards in the last 24 hours.
  • Received a Dragonfly card opening the event chest at Oct-14 11:16 PM Pacific Time
  • Received a Dragonfly card opening the event chest at Oct-14 11:13 PM Pacific Time
  • Received a Dragonfly card opening the event chest at Oct-14 11:10 PM Pacific Time

I’m often frustrated and agree with many of the complaints on the forum, but I have to admit it’s nice to see when y’all get to use log data to call a “bs” on a dramatic complaint :+1:

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These are piss poor odds to get the needed season cards. When you add “and you can get cards in the event chests” in your statements it means there is a very very small chance to get a needed season card in a chest. The chests also give just a couple of 100 tokens at a cost of 750 gems for a little more than the cost of a season 2 chest you can get 3 season 3 chests (2250 instead of 2000) and get 3 cards and maybe a 5th to tokens you got in season 2. The general impression I get this season is bait and switch… look you can get the cards you need but it’s all more expensive with less time to do it and less opportunity to get the cards (i.e. not enough in the tree to max it out).

I got those dragonfly’s from my season tokens not from the chest and it’s more then two season one cards it’s legendary cards in there as well but out of 66 chest as u say I got zero from there every single season one card has been from my tokens and this is sad y’all change the chest to be such an gamble it gives one card which will rarely ever be what u need it’s ok tho as much as I enjoy this game y’all have made this game almost unplayable for me and I use to buy packs every two weeks not I don’t see the need to spend any money cuz one card out of a chest is horrible

Yes 750 gems and such bs 300 to 400 tokens and one card it’s all a money grab so as much as I need season one cards I will never get them cuz they made it impossible to get if ur not spending loads of money and with this system they have now I don’t feel comfortable spending money on this game like I use to

1% chance per chest for a epic card? How many $99 dollar packs would that cost to get 6 copy of the same epic card? First of all, the shortage is downright annoying, and lastly DO YOU guys really expect us to spend hundreds of dollars on a half dead game?

Ok the point is… you guys should make it cheaper to get those cards! Or else don’t expect me to spend hundreds for a half dead game.

Right they took out everything about whaling for cards by offering such a dumb one card method bad thing is u don’t even get coins from chest no more as well like what the hell is wrong with y’all just know ur game well be like Star Wars soon dead and gone hate to say it but it’s true do y’all not see how fast the game is dropping or y’all to blind to notice I went from spending 50 to 100 bucks every two weeks to zero and I’m sure others have stop spending as well get y’all crap together plz I don’t want to see this game fail or die plz

Once upon a time I would spend $100 to buy a pack with 20000 gems, some coins and 5 legendary chests which gave roughly a couple hundred common cards, maybe 150 rare cards, 75 epic cards, and 1 guaranteed legendary card which was limited to those in the event so I could pick events with cards I wanted and a couple thousand tokens. That was worth it, I never felt ripped off when I bought it, it made me feel that supporting the game was something worth doing.

I won’t get into how they had already diminished it’s worth to the point I stopped buying them but now… $100 gets 20000 gems, 30 event chests with a single card that has a 1% chance of being legendary and a piss poor chance of being one of the season cards and a couple hundred tokens, and 2 epic chests that I don’t even know what’s in them.

I will not spend money on this, I do not fell there is any sense of worth. Guarantee a legendary or a season card and it would help, up the tokens to a higher amount. Put 4 or 5 cards in it not 1. I’m not asking for numbers of cards like we had before I know costs are lower but really 1 card with crap distribution of what you can get, And I don’t want to hear the false statement that it’s the same as other games because it’s not close to any other game I ever played and I’ve played a lot of collection games. You underestimate the impact of feeling like a purchase is of value. You completely destroyed it. You completely destroyed this game. All I hear in guild chat now is well I did my daily I’m going to play Call of Duty. So if your goal was to support that game good job.

Make the warp season units more accessible pg, I don’t want to spend another 45 days here supporting this dead game and not be able to get enough card to max the unit. I’m about to call the $25 life time elite a scam too, if you guys don’t make changes.

Instead of being how a dead game should be, trying their best to retain the current players and promising changes. You guys are acting as if this game already has no hope and now trying to grab any and every penny you guys can get to.

Offering life time elite not for asking people for a last chance for you guys to redeem but instead introducing the scrap and dust system🤦🏻‍♂️. Offering seasonal cards at 5% chance and 1% chance from chests(comical for a dead game)… Just so you guys know, you guys aren’t blizzard, they are successful and can do what they want. You guys aren’t, your game is near dead…learn to better the game first then try to do your money grab.

If they had never changed the original value of the event packages and started including the prior season cards in them I would have happily kept investing $100 here and there. Since then they have gotten a hell of a lot less from me and now almost nothing. I bought the $20 deal they have for expanding leveling rewards but that’s it.

I thought about spending money on Phoenix chests last event but decided it wasn’t worth it to me because 1) I’m not convinced it’s a sound investment of my money because I’m not convinced the game will survive 2) I am furious with the developers and their callous disregard of the players of their game and their attitude toward us in the forums so have no desire to spend money to support them (I’m voting with my wallet) and 3) I don’t feel like the reward from the chest is close to equal what it was before.

At the end of Season 1 where I didn’t do as well as I did in Season 2 I spent something like $300 on enough Phoenix chests to max out a single card, Warp. This season spending less I could have finished maxing the 2 cards I have that I didn’t max but I didn’t feel it was worth it. What changed… 2.5 and the attitude of the developers.

@S7Dave @S7CampusLifer
I invite the developers to look at my spending on the game and how it changed and decide what the impact of 2.5 was and what the impact of the way we are ignored is. I’m certainly not the only one this applies to.

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