Where is the skill in this game?


This game is very fun to play, but there is no actual skill based gameplay. Either u face someone with lower level troops than u who can’t even keep up or you face someone with higher level troops than u making it impossible to win without a full on bum rush on one side. I know u guys want to make money but come on this game could be a real popular skill based game everyone would like to play without the hardcore p2w features. Also going back to what I said about u Wanting to make money, I can’t even upgrade my troops because It’s very difficult to even get enough coins to upgrade one high level troop in 2 days. I am not saying this for no reason I have spent OVER 200$ on this game and your gonna tell me I have to drop another 500$ JUST to have enough coins to upgrade all of my troops? That is an unrealistic amount of money you are expecting from us. My suggestion is you guys do something about the p2w cause there is no actual skill in this game unless u play gauntlet, like why wouldn’t the regular game mode be where ur troops are all level 17 so u can see who is actually good at the game. This game will die very very soon unless you take a step back and see what’s going on.


@Dark6 This is good feedback, and actually something that the team is quite aware of as of late. I don’t have any details about changes or when said changes may arrive, but do know that we’re keeping a close eye on players matched with each other and their relative progression. It may be that different game modes would be the best for skill determination, or tweaks to the matchmaking algorithm–we have not decided yet. I’ve seen a lot of players echo your enthusiasm for the Gauntlet however, and I think that’s a good idea to expand on. What are some other ideas for the Gauntlet that you might have?


I came here from Star Wars Force Arena and one of the main attractions for me is that this game does require skill rather than just assets and luck (though each of those also play a role). The opportunity to pay real money and enhance your assets is there. And I’d argue that for an experienced moba player it is a chance to skip some of the early grind and get one’s assets up to par with their own abilities. But really all I’ve paid for so far is a sale-priced elite booster at $1.99 for 30 days. That’s been enough for me to progress at a place that keeps my interest.

As to the skill there’s plenty involved, and I find the weekend events to be the best showcase for this. You have to select a leader that compliments your strategic goals. Roxie if you want to come out fast and hard, Kuro if you like to suppress and control your opponent, Nash if you want to place durable assets on the field and then catalyze them into an overwhelming force, etc. Then you have to plan for not only taking down your opponents barriers and defeating their base. You have to make an energy management and acquisition plan - are you going to be defensive and build resources one generator at a time or start fast and claim the crystals mid-field and try to hold them to build out faster.

You also have to manage your assets and balance each response so you don’t get lured into spending your best assets before you can best take advantage of them while also trying to lure your opponent into playing their assets in the most vulnerable way so you can defeat them most easily.

I could go on, but in short if you aren’t challenged by the many strategic challenges you have to balance in each match you probably aren’t trying hard enough. You can beat those with better assets than yourself if you are using better strategy. Again, the weekend events are a great measure of this. My decks so far keep me playing in the mid silver ranks in multiplayer because I haven’t played long and can’t play as often as I’d really like to. But I beat gold and diamond players weekly in the weekend events and usually finish in the top 25. I’ve held the number one spot along the way plenty enough.


I say that gauntlet mode, and special events is where your troop level comes into play and the regular multiplayer has all troops level 17 so u can fairly fight opponents without them paying to be pro so they can’t have a comfortable cushion of high level troops so they never have to actually improve at the game cause their cowards. My suggestion for the gauntlet is make the prizes worth spending money on troops, like you can unlock troops you can’t unlock in regular multiplayer, and there should be 2 leaderboards, one consisting of the skill based multiplayer so everyone knows who is truly the best, and then there should be another leaderboard of special game modes Including gauntlet and tournaments.


Have you thought about combining the concept of the gauntlet with that of the events. Everyone chooses from the same random deck…all toons @ level 17. This would be truly a contest of skill. How you set up your deck…how you play your units…all skill. And keep the minipulations out of the event…everyone wins or loses by the merit of their play.


Might be interesting to allow players to challenge higher ranked players to move up the event ladder…

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