When will they listen?

I’m just having a really hard time understanding what in the world you guys over at S7 were thinking with this “update”. All of us are down for improvements to different modes, but why would you completely change one mode, call it good, then say you’ll come back to it eventually?? Why would you make such drastic changes to 1v1 when there were literally no issues with it??

We have asked many times to poll us before making changes

You guys NEVER listen to us!! If you would’ve talked to, say, 10 top players about your ideas, you would have valuable feedback. But instead, you guys just go ahead and change the entire game (so much so that it’s not the same content) and really show us that you don’t give a crap about how we feel.

Look. I have said this before, but apparently you guys don’t get it. Some of us have spent thousands of dollars, making them investors in Wild Beyond and S7. As investors, our opinions should be heard. If we strongly disagree with a change…don’t effing do it! If you implement a ridiculous update like this, you need to consult people first. Yes you guys make the content, but the game is as much ours as it is yours. Going behind our backs and re-writing the entire game is super shady, especially after we’ve dedicated so much time and money.

Without your players, whether they be FTP or PTP, you literally would not have a game. So when will we be shown the respect we deserve? A good place to start is to scrap this horrible update and give us our game back immediately. I’m pretty sure we all deserve quite an apology for being shown such disrespect. We have all threatened to leave at one point or another, but this is the real deal. You guys really, really messed up this time. We’re done with being lied to, dealing with hidden updates, buying content that no longer exists, and just all around disrespect from the team. Who taught you guys how to run a business??

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We should be able to “scrap” update

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Right?? No matter how much a write about all this, it’ll never convey how incredibly pissed I am

I’ve written some responses to this feedback in another topic last week: