When will Challenger and Champion not be the same?

Seriously? How are supposedly the two hardest leagues be basically the same thing

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Champion gets 20% more daily bonus and a cool black portrait border. That’s nothing to sneeze at, imo! (EDIT: Removed the bit about the monthly shipment, I think I was wrong, sorry!)

Honestly, in terms of actually being worthwhile and what players perceive as being worth it or valuable it’s not. An arbitrary decision that it is good enough has been made and the numerous people leaving sort of say otherwise. Another endgame player just left. It’s like saying someone is given $1/hour and then saying that you’re paying someone $1.20 for working double their hours is with it. Pretty sure they’ll say no.

Also…my monthly shipment was cards I already have maxed and 70k coins. Not even enough to finish one of the end game upgrades.

Maybe I’m wrong but I’m also watching people quit left and right so maybe they have it all wrong. Every day this goes on I’m more inclined to believe that have it right.


I’ve brought this up so many times I’ve lost count. I can never get a straight answer

What question are you missing an answer to?

The differences between challenger and champion are a larger daily bonus and the prestige of a different border. We’re not planning on further differentiating the two ranks at this time. If the differences don’t appeal to you, there’s no harm in sticking with the Challenger rank!

I feel like I see more and more people choosing the third option and leaving the the game…


My favorite part about it is the devs blatant and obvious choice to ignore the real questions and then ask a question about champion and challenger. :joy: @S7Dave

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