When are we going to have pink- and yellow-card units from last season on sale?

I’m quite sure many low-level players could not get enough seasonal tokens to buy those units and put their hopes towards after-season purchases like me. I’ve seen the blue cards can be donated (although not anymore after the most recent update). May I just ask when can we expect to get those units in regular games?


Hi @Alphredo. Here’s the level of detail we can provide at this time, found in the patch notes

I also posted some notes on this previously in another thread before Season 1 ended

If a unit never reappears, wouldn’t it be unfair to later-joined players and make people lose motivation to keep playing the games? From your perspective I don’t see why exclusive time-limited units is helping your game expansion. Why do that?


Because then it’s a rush to get it and then there will be new units later I assume.

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