What's the right deck composition strategy this time?

Since units get stronger every time they kill something, my first thought is that “big beefy high tech units who can accumulate lots of kill” should win…

But then there’s a bunch of cartilleries in everyone’s deck to counter big beefy units…

Also, I have brought it up twice about the featured units in events and haven’t received a response. We’re not too keen on the idea of 4 slots being taken up. If we’re having featured units, please don’t include them in deck building.


Can I just say that Avassa is thicc!

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Being Timmy and playing big units wont work out well in thin game because the pixies and balloons are going to take them out easily. it usually turns out to who can keep their air units alive. Avassa just recks shop when on the field not many ways to counter her. Gigga might be interesting to keep your punch boxes alive.

Glad you’re starting to understand why I was beginning to get so irritated. Now I’m not getting matched with anyone other than you top level players lol I remember getting you even at the end of the last event and I’m on my 37th day playing, half the people in my league are challengers…hmm lol

Trey what level are you? I think the matching system on events is better, and honestly I like not being able to see what border people have. I don’t get psyched out anymore, and play much better. I get irritated with the MM system occasionally, but what I’m mostly irritated with is the cost increases in the game. I totally get where you’re coming from, and it’s incredibly difficult not to just blow up at them on the forum. The goal of my comment to you a while ago was to get you to stick around and not get banned or anything. You have good ideas and input.

I’ve only been playing for about a month and a half, but I’m level 27 so I get screwed sometimes. I especially in my bracket.

I’m level 22, I have about 40 upgrades that I could buy rn but I’m trying to win more events at low level before I put myself in the more expensive leagues. I’ve never technically been banned but they silence people like crazy and put people in a week long time out. I think freespankings either got silenced or quit

Val’s bots as usual are a great way around kuro’s anti-opener capabilities as well as the air or ground only rule. However, they can be dangerous and fuel things like cartilleries that your opponent has deployed. Kuro and Val certainly seem to be front runners in this one, my Val deck has barely changed and is currently 22-4. I am a big fan of the reward booster, it also appears the brackets are smaller and the more competitive players have been split into more brackets? Something has changed in the structuring for the better, I am able to place top 30 now with little to no spending (1 set of tickets per day at most) where as before it would take multiple sets to get top 100. A lot of folks still complain but I think there was great improvement here.

Well…my first thought when I looked at the deck was…there’s no air defense except for sky sweeper and punchy. And no one wants to use punchy for defense. So I loaded up with air attacks to pull their air defense early…then send in my punchy guys to mop up. Val is the best commander cause all her little minions hit air. Nash also provides additional air support…cause everyone’s gonna have the same idea.

The issue I have with Nash for this one is he provides fodder for beefing up enemy units much faster than val’s Bots do.

Yeah…Nash is def not best choice…Val is much better for number of reasons. But if you don’t have her…