What to do with extra seasonal cards

since you can get cards with the event chests, I have extra Reaper cards. I can’t turn them to dust and I can’t donate them. What if any use are they?

Same I have extra typhoons and can’t dust them or give them to guild mates for donations but they have really just stop replying to messages and not answering anyone no more

Sorry, we locked the ability to scrap seasonal cards because a bunch of people scrapped them by mistake and then asked us to fix it.

We can revert that change if people really want the opposite.

That seems taking the risk to reopen a previous issue. Why not advertising that maybe lvl18 will come one day and it is therefore maybe a good choice to keep them until then as a future advantage/reward for veterans :hugs::hugs::hugs:

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Haha, honestly it feels like all paths forward will have some set of people disliking it :stuck_out_tongue:

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I mean if you aren’t paying attention and scrap it… that’s on you not the game. I think after this season you’ll have more people with extra cards and it will need to be reverted. Appreciate all you guys have done. :muscle:t2:

It’s simple only allow season cards to be scrapped if the unit is already 17

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:joy: Fairly sure a lot of players more than a bunch really really wanted v2.5 reverted