What’s with these bots?

I understand you want to make the game more accessible, but these bots for 1v1 will ruin this game. I know I’ll just stop playing. It ruins the whole point of the rankings


I’m sorry you’re experiencing this.

We’re having a multiplayer server problem. This is definitely not our intended behavior and we’re hard at work to fix it.

This issue should be fixed now and you should no longer be getting this type of match!

You instead, get massive wait times…

@Pandread are you seeing long wait times in 1v1, 2v2 or both?

I haven’t personally tried 1v1 since the server issues were fixed. But the 2v2 you will not find a match. I just gave up. Not sure if it’s the matching algorithm or if there’s just no more end game players. Judging by some of the other threads it looks like the end for a few more. Not sure if that’s why.

Um. So with my champ deck in 1v1 I’m playing “diamond 1” maxed lvl17 bots with new cards. Even someone without a pulse would be higher than diamond 1 with that deck, thanks for all the lost medals have these boosted bots gotten more ridiculous?

Oh I know the answer, yup. Because then with a gold deck I played a “challenger” bot with an avg card level of 10.5.

Completely broken and unrealistic ranks based on their card levels for these bots in both directions.

Played some more 1v1s. So now with my champ deck I routinely run into boosted players with champ lvl decks showing up as GOLD. GREAT. So if I lose I lose 50 medals and if I win I get what, 1 medal?

So after the countless threads and posts of us repeatedly sharing that we think the boosted bots are unreasonably boosted and their apparent leagues were often too low the solution was to go even more extreme and unrealistic?


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Thanks for addressing this so quickly!

Hi all.

We will be diagnosing this problem today. Thank you for reporting.



hi @Negat1ve thank you for reporting. we are attempting to fix as quickly as we can.

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