What’s with the insane refresh cost all of a sudden?


Is this a bug or an intended change?

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Seriously. I just noticed this as well. Feels uncalled for. The refresh price was already high, but feasible enough to do regularly if you had a supply of diamonds. Now its just crazy expensive.

I literally won’t even use the feature anymore.

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We were just discussing this as well. None of us are going to use it anymore either. I was fine with paying 36 multiple times. I am not paying 200 and something to get a few hundred coins. Between this and the 90+ thousand it costs to upgrade one unit, I’m really not seeing any long term play being worth it.



As mentioned, I also feel that this change has effectively ruined the viability of long term play. We were already paying to farm chests, but these new prices skyrocket those same costs to completely unreasonable levels.

This is a huge problem in my opinion, as farming chests was one of the main ways to still “grind” out levels. As it currently stands though, it is now only worth my time logging in after my chests are refreshed and off their cooldown timers. With less people playing consistently for chests, you’re also looking at less uptime overall; meaning even longer queue times as less players will on average be looking for matches.

Sadly, I personally feel like they will actually lose more money and players than they’ll gain with the changes in this new model.



Yikes, I’ll bring this up with the team to discuss––thanks for reporting this! It’s clear that feedback about the reset cost is not good.



Agreed. I usually play all day long on my day off and just keep resetting my chests. I only played today when my chests were reset so I played a few games rather than the close to 100 I normally do today.



Hi S7! Guess in future, it would be better to get pulse check from community before making any “economics” changes. On the other hand, you can argue that devs how their game and do what they want (not sure that would be a good move to consider customer feedback though…) However use the forum they created to announce any changes in advance. Thank you.

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Oh good, I thought I was losing my mind for a minute. I asked a couple of people in my alliance and they had no idea what I was talking about.



Any word back from the team on this?

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Circling back up on this: It turns out that the previous scaling for diamond cost to reset was bugged for the first few resets, and inconsistent with all other diamond costs in other parts of the game. That being said, we didn’t communicate the recent fix in an adequate fashion and will be more careful in the future.



At least you weren’t playing when it cost 125k to go to lvl 11 legendary units.
Took me forever to get it, then it changes and everyone over takes my progress.



That’s unfortunate, because now I never refresh anymore, and I’m also playing a lot less because of that—which contributes to more terrible que times. 200 diamonds for a refresh is very expensive, especially when you are used to 40.

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I’ve noted this to the team as well, since queue times are a very important for us to improve upon.



Actually, I was playing then. When they upgraded the game, I ended up getting a ton of coins and diamonds back because I had spent so much on upgrading units. At least that’s what I thought was going on. I don’t know because once again it wants 90,000 coins for me to upgrade one unit so I have about 47 that need to be done. I have thousands of some cards because I refuse to spend $50-$100 to be able to upgrade one unit. $10? Sure. $100? Not a chance. Because of that, I probably spend a good 10-15 hours less a week playing. I might play for two hours total in a week at this point.



Oh you received gems back? That’s pretty good if so.
It was thanks to the complaints and then finally getting the coins back that I was able to make a slight climb back, but by that time it was already a little too late.
It’s much easier/more realistic to keep up if everyone is within reach, but to try come from behind, during that period the gap gets bigger.

If they had never messed up like that, there wouldn’t be such a big difference between a big spender VS a minimal spender that puts in lots of time etc.



Agreed, and yes, I got them back because I had spent a lot of them buying coins. I refuse to continue to spend insane amounts to upgrade though. I used to buy a $49 and $99 pack every event. It isn’t worth it now because all I do is get more cards that I can’t upgrade because of the insane costs. Now I only pay $4.99 a month or whatever the elite cost is and I barely play.



I appreciate the follow-up, but I must admit this is very unfortunate to hear. This is one of those things that may very well be worth considering leaving in its prior state, even if it was unintended or doesn’t match other prices.

But in either case, I can definitely say that my playtime has significantly dropped since this change, as you can’t really climb without being able to upgrade units. And you can’t upgrade units without getting coins. And since the primary way to farm coins was basically just removed for a large majority of your players with this update, its put the game into a bit of a rough spot.

Anyhoo, I’ll be back in another few hours when my chests are available again.

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Actually this chain of replies points out 2 problems with the game right now. The change in reset costs is too high for people to use it, and I am the first to agree there I haven’t used it once since the change. The second is the cost of upgrades is still way too high compared to coin awarded. I’m not even close to where many of the people commenting here are and I still have at least 10 units I am not upgrading due to costs.

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Yea I’m over here at 30 units that need upgrading because it’s just that crazy. I finally got to gold tier and it’s a 50% increase in coin earning over silver. I’m finally able to stack up enough coins to upgrade anything but to go above lvl 10 is 10k and on average a whole pvp run will net me 2k. So with the new update to refresh costs being so high, it’s like 3 days of play per unit. The only other way I could see this being fixed, other than chilling it on the exorbitant amount of gems per refresh, 300 per 8 hours is crazy, is if the coin reward for giving your alliance troops was drastically increased.

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