What’s with the gauntlet since update?

My prize for 5 wins in the gauntlet was one gold. A single gold. Really lol

Yup 50 gems for 1 gold no matter if u win zero games or all 12 games u will get 1 gold lmao :joy: hahaha :laughing:

Since s7 isn’t here yet I will channel my inner s7 and handle your issue.

We have decided that gauntlet shouldn’t be rewarding. Gauntlets are intended to be a just for fun game mode to try out new things. While the rest of the game is lacking right now you should be happy we still allow you to buy gems to buy gauntlets to buy fun.

Continue this discussion in one of the many other thread about this topic. Thread closed.


:rofl::rofl::rofl: Neg - you NAILED it !

You nailed it with closing the thread.

But seriously, why even have the one gold then? It’s like a mockery of those that play. Hey we didn’t create this mode, please don’t make fun of us for playing it.

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Please continue discussion in one of the prior threads: Prize for 11 gauntlet wins is 1 gold!