What’s up with Chat

It seems the chat has a issue


Can’t finish the daily alliance quest due to the chat being down loosing out of 1500 tokens

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Looks like the end is near… nice to see devs have taken a keen interest in destroying our game… thanks for the memories fuckers

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if chat is not coming back, I quit the game. enough is enough. first my last season 70k season tokens were taken. I emailed support and never got a response. heard there was a message, but this happing during the holidays, when everyone is busy and I wasn’t playing a lot is unfair. I’m leader of RG recruits, and this will be my last draw.

The lack of response by the Devs in the forum says it all. This game is dead. I don’t think the chat is broken in some way I think it was disabled on purpose.

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dead and im gone bye

Yooo Viper it’s JohnnyC from HOD recruits, this whole shit been so confusing lmao so I checked out these forums, did yall ever set up discord for the alliance? I don’t really know how it works but I just downloaded it lol, my name on it is JohnnyC and theres a number #1158 I don’t know what that is, but invite me!

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