What’s the point of playing now?

I hit the coin and diamond max after playing an hour or two. There is no ranking. There are no 2 v 2 matches. I do my daily or event for my alliance. I don’t talk to them as much because combining on a 2 v is nonexistent. So…what motivation is there to play your game now? HOD is bleeding 2 players a day right now. Spider gone Juab gone 338 gone.

I complained about mines and now they are really a big nothing now, you purposely shot gauntlet (a fun format), now you have purposely shot 2v2.

Dust is a mess. So you do the same thing with it. Big grant to keep the mob from stringing you up. Still a 6th currency that makes no sense.

Please. For the sake of a lot of players who have loved this game, Please get it right.



Thank you for the feedback. We’ll continue to monitor this new update and see how it plays out. If the new foundation looks decent, we’ll start weaving back in the social features we’ve lost.

Hi Juba! That leaves space for other players to play with some of the top ones or new merges to come. Who know, we might also play together one day?

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