What’s the point of having mech pilot in gauntlet?

It takes at least 2 cards of mech pilot to form a big mech, and Gauntlet we only get 1 card due to it’s a legendary card. What’s the point of giving us this card then?

Ah that’s an unfortunate edge-case. If you’re lucky enough to get a Mimic or Enlist!, it could solve that problem. Keep in mind Gauntlet is not a completely balanced game mode because of the randomness. That said, it can be fun to experiment with unit/tactic combos that wouldn’t normally be possible in regular play.

I like the gauntlet because it lets me preview units to decide which ones I want to purchase or upgrade. Is it possible to make the mech come with 2-3 cards or always paired with enlist or a mimic so people can see it and get excited about it? I got it with a mimic one time, and thought it was awesome.

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I think unusable units like that should not appear at all, or at the very least either bend the rules to have 1 additional legendary for that unit, or require that enlist come with that gauntlet run. Blizzard does this with hearthstone with cards that are absolute trash in the arena (which is their gauntlet) and it works out great. There’s nothing worse than having bad cards, but having absolutely useless cards is just unfair to take up a potential slot for something better or more interesting for the gauntlet run. Also, please don’t allow gauntlet runs to have zero T3 options. I have this posted in another thread that I wrote because it was just absolutely ridiculous that I have nothing for T3.

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I let our designers know about this edge case, but for now, Enlist! or Mimics will have to bridge the gap for being able to try out Mech Pilots.

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