What is the purpose of dust?

Can you please explain the purpose of dust? It can’t make you money because nothing buys dust. So what is the purr pose, besides making it impossible to level up a commander past 40? Can you guys please explain? I don’t think that has been done yet. if there is no purpose, does it make sense to take it away?. @S7campusLifer @S7Dragon

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As far as I can tell it’s yet another way to slow progression to the point of near impossibility.

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It’s there to turn the time it takes to max one deck from year(s) to decade(s).

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Donnie - The devs destroyed endgame replay value by taking out the competitive multiplayer aspect of the game for people who maxed out their decks. People with level 50 live in a ghost town… so instead of fixing that/ listening to complaints, the devs chose to slow players’ abiltity to reach max level by adding dust. It’s a very clear message that lets us know they don’t care about player who reach max level.

They only want to take advantage of the people who play the game and don’t know there is nothing at the end of the rainbow.

For real, they took out the best parts of the game for max level players, then changed the entire game to make progression as slow as possible. Only because they know that any player that gets a full level 50 deck within the current structure, will quit out of boredom days later.

Literally the only thing for people to do now is play events or raids. Nothing changes when you max out, there is no competition anymore, a very small/incestuous player base of alliance hoppers, and little to no signs of the devs even considering fixing it. In fact, they’ve only confirmed that this was their intention, and they are satisfied with their new structure because it “ works for other games, so it should work for this one”.

So, we can only conclude that their fear of players quitting after maxing out a deck in this new game setting spawned the idea of dust. A new currency that slows progression to make you play the game and never get maxed cards, because once you do, you’ll realize there was nothing at the end to do with a maxed out deck except the same things you’ve been doing all along.

They broke the entire game, and then slowed progression as much as possible as a way of hiding everything they broke.

…and that’s where rust comes from…Spoiler Alert for His Dark Materials fans…

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I think it’s a complete failure for new players as well as players up through the ranks. The Devs are milking those last few ounces of cash out of players that cannot see the end coming. Stick a fork in this turkey it’s done.


The point of dust is two-fold;

  1. To artificially slow progression.
  2. with progression slowed it serves it’s purpose as a “feel bad experience” to drive people to spend money to bypass it
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To bury themselves with. Seriously we can do without it.

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