What is the point of maintaining elite with current set-up?


I have been elite since the week of release. I have spent A LOT of money in addition to that because I believe in supporting a game that I enjoy. This said, I’m very annoyed at the coin cost to upgrade units. It dropped once after an update, but then became astronomical again. I currently have over 30 units that need to be upgraded due to buying so many of the $99 specials and getting so many boxes with them, but I do not have the coins to do. As it stands, I have units that really aren’t anything spectacular that cost 20-30+ k to upgrade, but will only give me 300 XP for doing so. How does that make sense for something to cost so much when it gives you such a small reward? Additionally, I cannot see the benefit in remaining elite when you get no coin benefit from playing additional battles if you aren’t due for chests. Other than obtaining a higher rank, there really is zero benefit in continuing to play multiplayer when it isn’t time for a chest unless you want to keep spending your diamonds (at an increased amount each time). I believe that all multiplayer battles should yield coins. Maybe do it as giving additional coins for each win in a row if you aren’t willing to keep upgrades at a reasonable price. I don’t really care how you do it honestly. The only thing I do know is that at this point I am so frustrated that I have decided to stop spending money on the game until something is worked out to make it worth my while.



Just to put it into perspective for some who may not realize what I’m talking about— it currently costs 10,000 gems to get 100,000 coins. It costs $99 to get 14,000 gems. It costs 37,500 - 50,000 + to upgrade units beyond a certain point. So you can upgrade 2-3 units at one time for ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS. Let that sink in.

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Hi @Tiffany.

First of all, please allow me to say thank you for supporting the game and providing us with your notes.

I’m not sure I understand your feedback, can you please clarify?

The main way you earn coins is by playing and earning the 3x battle rewards when you win. These chests award you coins and you get 2x the coins when you have elite. Thus, Elite doubles your coin income for the same effort.

At least to me, if you’re interested in earning coins as quickly as possible, it feels like Elite is a great thing to have. Can you explain why you feels otherwise?



Maybe I just haven’t noticed my coin increase with wins and if so then I apologize. That said, I battle A LOT and still have all of those units to upgrade so I’m not sure the coins awarded are even putting a dent in the cost of upgrade. I guess the question still remains as to why it should cost over 60,000 coins to upgrade a unit? The chests give you what, up to 30k in coins when you buy them? I can’t remember the exact amount, but you get a massive amount of cards also. The cards are all great and good, but why do you even need them if you can’t afford to upgrade them?

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Oh, see I thought that this is topic was more along the lines of "what’s the point of maintaining elite when the match up is so unbalanced that I cfan ollow the WILD BEYOND tips and play book line by line and STILL win one and lose three all day every day ". Because that’s where my head is. And I have not sunk as many dollars in as this person but I’m fed up. My whole alliance is fed up. It’s all over globol chat of users fed up. I FINALLY hit gold 1 and nowmI’m busted back to bronze. You tell me how tsat’s even possible? I’m good enough to get to gold and somehow, after an update, I’m soooo bad that I can’t maintain ANY LEVEL of silver.

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I agree with you there as well. The algorithm for the matches is ridiculous. I’m a good three who got paired with a silver one on a quick match and we were put against two mid-high diamonds. Granted, we didn’t lose much rank because they were so much higher than us but how is that even possible? I don’t even see how a diamond is supposed to go against a silver? A gold yes, but a silver who wasn’t in my alliance? Ridiculous.

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Amen…Oh, and don’t forget…any items dublicated in your bonus elite box are read as a redundancy and not added to your cache



I was Silver 3 as of 30 min ago. I’m now almost Bronze again. That is unacceptable. Three times we were paired against a set of opponents that had… Not 1, not 2, but three of Eternal Warriors (the big warriors with the energy shield.)… EACH. Yes, I literally mean we fought 3 sets of them. Now granted there may have been a couple of mimics too bc I was too busy tryout ng to figure out where I lost my behind on the battlefield…but that still means they had at least 3. And guess how many we had? Zilch… None… Zero. Nada. I’m almost level 20. If this is what we can expect then I’m gonna quit the alliance I currently lead and delete the game entirely. Your move Wildly Beyond Ridiculous.



What the heck?! I had NO IDEA this was the case!



Wait— what??? I had no idea.

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If it makes you feel any better, it keeps pairing me against Challengers and Champions. I didn’t even know anyone had reached that status. I’m only a G5! Lol

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Like clockwork, win one … NO MATTER WHO I AM PAIRED WITH … lose 3. I mean. I have had it. Finishing this round and then I’m out of here. Employees come on here and every single response is the same. Here, let me see if I could work for them:

User IHateDemChickens: Flying chickens all up in the game. Can’t get around them, can’t shoot them, feathers everywhere!! I SAID THE CHICKEN GOT FEATHERS ALL UP IN MY EARS AND HAIR!

WB Emp: Hi, IHATEDEMCHCKENS, I can see how this would be frustrating. Our game uses the chicken rating system of 2 clucks,1 biccawk. Most other MMOs use the 2/1 ratio (although some use a 3 clucks, 1 biccawk system. Because we ain’t clucking around, ammirite? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Blah blah blah upgrade, sale points, rah rah go team.

User IHateDemChickens: Muh huh? What about the chicken feathers in my ears!

WB Emp: :rooster: =:poultry_leg: = yummy :yum:

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Thanks for the laugh. LOL



The only case where something isn’t added to your count is if you’re already maxed-out on levels for that unit and get additional cards for it. This doesn’t feel right to us either and is something that we’ll be addressing. Are you encountering the display issue described here?

Once you acquire one copy of a unit, you can place up to three of them in your deck. So whether it’s a Grunt or a Fortress Mech, one copy allows for three cards in your loadout. Additional copies are used towards the amount needed to upgrade their unit levels.

Matchmaking is still one of the biggest topics we get a lot of feedback on, but we’re not ready to make any big swings to it quite yet without some testing. We hear you that matchups don’t always feel the best, and while this is very common in practically every competitive PvP game, I think there’s definitely room for improvement. Something to keep in mind is that a very small portion of all players are in Gold and above, which makes it difficult to matchmake at all times of the day. Queue times would be extremely high if a perfect match were to be found each time in higher ranks.



Define maxed out…do you mean if you have enough to upgrade, but haven’t?



If your unit is level 17 (the level cap). Any cards you get after that don’t show up because the counter bar is no longer counting cards at this point.



I feel there’s been a misunderstanding of what is happening with the second chest (bonus elite) when you receive the same unit that was in first chest (dublicated)

Some seem to have got the idea that you don’t receive said units, possibly due to seeing the same unit count as the first chest. This is however not the case, the first chest will give you the new count which includes the ones from second chest, ∴ if you pay attention, the total is correct.

Say you had 10 before opening the chest and the first chest gives you 2, likewise the second chest, it will display 14 in the first chest and second chest opening.


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