What is the limiting resource in this game?

Every game with multiple resources in it has something I call the limiting resource. Its the resource that is holding back progression in the game. I see that as coin the most basic resource here. Is that what you want as Devs or do you want cards to be the limiting resource. Either way is resonable; I just want more insight into the game.

In my opinion, coins are by far and wide the most limiting resource in this game. The rate at which players can accumulate coins (especially free players), is painfully slow when compared to how much it costs per upgrade. It seems to be in the design though, as you can easily calculate your average hourly coin payouts, or even just look at chest coin payouts, and see that the coins needed for most upgrades just isn’t there.

A good fix for this is something that I’ve been requesting to try and get back to the community for awhile now though - Reverting the Multiplayer chest refresh prices back to what they originally were.


And increasing coin drops in them, specially within higher ranks.

I am pretty much limited to one deck and a set amount of units because coin is so rare. I understand going deep in one deck mentality, but it really hurts me in events where I need units outside of my main deck

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