What is going on?

In the current event, I have 67 wins, yet can’t seem to get passed 9th place. This new medal structure is ridiculous in my opinion, because if you’re only getting 5 medals per win, while others are getting much more, how are you supposed to compete. With 67 wins I should at LEAST be in the top 5. I know you guys are trying to figure out how to make it fair, but this isn’t the way to do that. It’s not at all fair if you’re doing really well in the event but your place doesn’t reflect that. I’m honestly even more discouraged than ever. Before all these changes, anyone could compete. You guys have to realize that you’ve honestly made the events worse, and it still caters to individuals with tons of money and maxed decks. At least in my bracket. I’m beyond frustrated at this point, and I would really like to see a real solution to this issue. Handing out 5 medals per win is ridiculous, there’s no way I can ever get first. And everyone, I mean everyone, regardless of their financial situation, deserves a fair shot at #1.

Please guys. Do something about this!!

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If everyone was only getting 5 medals per win it would be fair. You guys need to pick a set amount and stick to it. You keep saying you want events to reflect skill but it still doesn’t. If everyone got a set amount of medals per win, then it WOULD be fair and first would be achievable.


Our bracket :joy:. But that’s another story entirely

A friend of mine is earning more than 100 per win, no matter what. I am SO mad

Yeah, the two “tournaments” before this I was in a league with just a few over leveled people and the same guy took both tournaments out of nowhere because of where you’re talking about and I made posts about it both times and both times were ignored

The third one was just locked for multiple posting and S7NotABot replied to it saying “don’t make duplicate posts” so he/she had to have read the others and ignored those too. $80 well spent lol

I’m frustrated with the bracket that we’re both in, but honestly it wouldn’t be a big deal if event wins awarded the same amount of medals for everyone. Wouldn’t that reflect a players skill more than it does now? It’s almost like I’m being punished for having so many wins. I’m at 71 now but I’m still in 9th and only getting 5 medals per win. It would be a real competition if everyone was given the same amount for each win. If that were the case, I would gladly spend money for the events.

I have 68 wins and I’m in 38th place…once you are where the algorithm says you belong…they start giving you 5 points per win.

Exactly. I wouldn’t mind being the lowest level on the highest leader board then, that’d be great butttt the algorithm puts me at the lowest so I don’t even bother lol

What kind of crap is that tho? The algorithm decides whether or not I place in the top five? That is absolute BS devs!! They keep messing with these events and pissing people off. I’m so fed up with this

I can’t believe I spent $50 on this stupid event. What’s the point?

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Hello. Thank you for the feedback. I’ve read it and will pass it along to the team who works on events.

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Oh yeah, now that someone who’s higher level says something but every time I brought it up you banned me, makes perfect sense lol I’m glad I quit

There is no point, I unfortunately took $70 to realize that

71 wins with 5142 points ? Oh man… I am 50 wins with 5073 points and 1 position behind you. Reason why I am not challenging your position is because I already maxed out the seeking missiles. The trick for this getting higher points per match win is not to lose a game. Once you have gone down on ELO ranking they put you with lower rank players thus you get lower points. I have already mentioned it before this long time ago but being ignored. You get punish for losing not only 1 game but subsequently few more games until your rank is high enough to meet higher players for higher points.

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I believe those higher ranking than you have won lesser games but longer winning streak without losing.

See and that’s just not fair. Medals should reflect wins, not some stupid algorithm they have going that punishes you for doing well

Because there may be a player with at most level 13 commanders in your league :joy: