What happened to balance in this event

Today have fought one person at a similar level in the event. Everyone else has been lvl 17 (for nearly all cards).

My alliance members are reporting the same.

It has me worried because we won’t progress as a group if we’re just constantly pounded.

I get the tiers but also it’s been advised here that there is a balance and that if we lose a couple then we get a couple of easier ones.

That is no longer happening.

If it carries on and we’re just cannon fodder I can’t see myself playing this much longer unfortunately.

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Just tried again and another parade of lvl 17s.

I’m sure some other lvl 14s want to be strung up against the top ten players but not me.

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You and your team is not the only ones that this is happening to. They have manipulated this game to death trying to control the progression of players. Bots or reanimated players with boosted decks and fake Alliance names. All of the game play is being manipulated including card draw.


Yep have seen that, but why kill player progression in this way. No benefit at all.

There is no point in spending cash if you are just signing up to be cannon fodder. Who would do that …

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Which team are you on Krusi?

OK back again and same st.

I’m the leader of the Lords of Ascension. Took us from nowhere to edge of top ten in 3 months and then got wrecked by this release when lost a lot of key players as we were mainly 2v2, now rebuilt again, and just a bit pissed the with this new development.

Would be useful if the forum would show the alliance, but even in the game it mostly shows me as no alliance …

It’s been denied, but I’m plainly convinced card draw is manipulated beyond the “tech lock” prevention that’s baked into the first draw. I can predict with better than 80% accuracy the nature of my first 7 cards based upon the alliance and level of my match. It’s nuts.


Absolutely true so can I. I know exactly how my card draw will be as soon as I see the player name and Alliance. I don’t care what the say or deny.

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We have not touched anything in the Event matchmaker since the spring – April/May timeframe.

It is possible that the specifics of your deck in this event will make the matchmaker behave differently than it did in the previous event. Specifically, decks with high variance between card levels (one card is level 11 and one card is level 17) aren’t able to take part in “boosted” matches — often resulting in worse winrates. None of that is new – it’s worked that way for many months. But it can feel new if your deck loadout is different in a given event.

ALL OF THAT SAID – we agree that the matchmaker in events needs a revamp. We plan to move towards a system more similar to Multiplayer Arenas where you choose the difficulty of the opponents you’d like to play against, and get bigger medal payouts the higher you choose. We don’t plan to keep band-aiding the current ELO-based matchmaker in events and instead focus our effort towards a longer term revamp along these lines.

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I know your reply wasn’t to my comment, but it made me think to clarify: the draw predictions issue I’m referring to isn’t just in events. Because I know my main deck a lot better, I can almost tell you precisely where my “early” game cards will land, depending on the person/alliance in my matches.


The multiplayer arena is no great improvement and is still according to your posts in the end based on ELO.

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Bla bla bla. No body believes your propaganda.

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More info here if it’s needed.

The problem is mainly in the mornings … during the day more non lvl 17s are online so much more balanced. But … basically means We’re hammered in the mornings.

Interesting that if I play a worse deck I’m likely to get a better weighting, but am stuffed as the most useful cards in this event are the ones I’ve leveled up.

NO!!! NO!!! Once again, you’ve had the majority of players on the forum tell you NOT to do this, and maybe one player for it!!! You haven’t listened to us in the past, and look how that turned out!!! @S7campusLifer stop being so damn defiant and listen to us!!! LEAVE THE EVENTS ALONE!!!

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@S7campusLifer to agree with Lyth, the multiplayer arena is crap. No one likes it. It’s not something you should be modeling any part of the game after. Again you are not listening to us!

I’m gonna say it again…the game is dying and S7’s plans to make things worse is going to be the nail in the coffin. Go ahead. Don’t listen.

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Multiplayer arena is uninspired trash. Events are slightly less unimaginative.


This may actually be their goal. They do everything so poorly I have to wonder if they are intentionally killing the game.


OK it’s happening again. Take a look at the sequence of battles I’m having. 10/12 have been against lvl 17s … and without a weighting can play hand perfectly - which obviously I don’t always - and get thrashed time after time.

I understand why lvl 17s like this, but it blocks lvl 14 / 15 players from levelling up event units.

It really feels like I’m in a no man’s land. Why can’t I play more play against more players my level.