What happened to adjusting the requirements for upgrading commanders

After the last upgrade it was pointed out the change screwed up the requirements to upgrade commanders and you said you would look into fixing it. Anything going on with that? The dust requirements were significantly increased already but the levels needed to upgrade before don’t match the levels that cards were converted to, particularly the legendary requirements and I’m not looking forward to leveling cards that were already where they needed to be and leveling legendary cards way beyond where we previously needed to with more dust than we previously needed when you yourself told us this was going to be a neutral change to upgrades and it didn’t matter if we upgraded before or after the update,


The thing is it’s now require specific units to upgrade commander every level not just every 5 level, so we need to spend more dust and coin just for upgrade commander which is suck :no_mouth:

They better fix this, for real.

@S7Dragon @S7campusLifer

So,you did an update today that really didn’t do much thank for changing stars to crowns but how about fixing this HUGE PROBLEM which you introduced into the game and admitted was a mistake and a problem and have done nothing about.

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Now we need to upgrade units we don’t even play just for upgrading commander. That’s so lame :grin:

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