What happen to the Passion when y’all first announced the game

what Happen to this passion the passion for the player base y’all had built and just the passion for the game it self seem like y’all have got a little big headed over there and think y’all shit don’t stink bring back whoever is was that started this game and the people who had the passion for the players that was playing there game fun times back then now idk :neutral_face: what y’all doing or thinking it’s all about the money and screw the players now


I really, really hope they take this post seriously. The game isn’t even half of what it used to be. It’s sad really. I used to be passionate about this game myself. And now, because of some seriously poor decision making, there’s really no point in playing anything but the events.

I wish they would take us seriously. I wish they would listen to us. Instead of saying crap like, “we’ll see what the numbers look like and we will be observing the change” etc, LISTEN to what we are saying. It’s just passed the point of frustration now with these people.


I don’t think they’ll even give you the time of day regarding this post, but hopefully someone proves me wrong. The game is dying, and they’re not doing a damn thing about it

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You’d have to go back to the original Rebel Sky days. The startup who initiated the concept before it was taken over by WB.

The game has deteriorated horribly since then. WB doesn’t know what it wants to be…other than a money trap for the naive. In the early days, alliance was important to progression, 2v2 battles created great unity and friendships within the alliance. Players kept coming back to play with their friends.

That has all gone now. The Devs know it, but refuse to acknowledge it. They came up with a new business plan which has gone completely side-ways but won’t admit it. It was based on unmitigated greed and praying on dullards with too much money to increase profit.

The crazy thing is, they could have raised revenue much more effectively using modest subscriber methods when they had the mass of loyal players. Now the majority of us hate them for trashing a once great social-based game.


Yep. Personally I have suggested many, many ideas to improve economy as well as player base. And I’m far from being the only one. There are game developers from other companies that play this game, and they’ve even suggested a few things. Instead of listening to us, they’ve just gone with their own thing and completely screwed everything up.

ALL THEY HAD TO DO was implement viable suggestions from players who care about this game. And yeah, the fact that they won’t even admit that they screwed up is insulting. This is the most vocal players have ever been, and the devs just stick their heads in the sand and continue to ignore and patronize us.

The game is dying. And S7 are the only ones to blame. Freaking pathetic


It is a shame that developers will not take some advice from season players and have a honest discussion on the game. I understand this is their property and have the right to do what they want with it. However if they want to have a successful business with long term customers they need to listen. A business selling a product or service needs to maintain a customers base long term. I would hope they realize this and would reach out to players. I am sure the Developers have had their feeling hurt by the harsh reaction from players but when you take something away from customers that means allot to them it’s to be expected. I think if they look at the changes that have been made over the last few weeks or months it is not working.


Right just how in the pic it shows how much people play with each faction they can see how much people are playing there game less and less and would understand as a player we have right as well. I e the player is ur main market to either make or break a game we play ur game we tell people about ur game which bring more people if we the base of ur company which is the players stop playing ur game then every other game we see that’s made by S7 will most likely fail cuz I wouldn’t want to play a game by this company no more

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Our team remains extremely passionate about this game — we all work crazy hours — often nights and weekends because we care about this game and this community. I’m currently at my desk working along with other developers and it’s almost midnight on Saturday :laughing:

We read all posts, reviews and feedback and are very aware of how the playerbase who gives feedback in these ways feels about things. We integrate this feedback it into our development plans. We do not respond to every thread —- doing so is a very time consuming process and doing it properly would require hiring someone with a background in professional communication.

We are a very small team and have decided that it isn’t the right use of our development resources to devote the time required to make those detailed “state of the game” posts with infographics, days of research, composition, editing, etc. We have decided to use all of that time instead to focus on working on the game itself — coding, qa, server maintenance, etc.

At some point in the future if the game is wildly successful, we look forward to hiring a dedicated team to do communication, host eSports tournaments, etc.

But for now, with our current resources, every time we spend composing such a post for this forum is time taken away from developing the game, improving server resources, etc. We need to continue to keep our focus there. (eg right now instead of typing this I could be working on adding 2v2 back into the game.)

Regarding all various other points brought up in this post, I’ve already had long back and forth discussions with all of you on these topics. We definitely understand your feedback and that you’re upset but we’re not resourced to rehash the discussions on the same feedback again. Please see prior threads.


I totally agree with you. A business of any kind failing to listen to it’s customer base, failing to offer a good product or service at a fair price and offering good customer service will be out of business.


I feel you S7 and I’m glad you responded to the post I’m sure we all our we glad to see that y’all still working on the game I have high hopes for the game cuz this game is very fun and a very good game ten times better then clash royal yes we are pretty upset at a lot of changes but I’m sticking in there to see what y’all do and how y’all will get this player base back on point and ready to play the game how we all use to even when coins was max we still played cuz we wanted that rank we wanted to play 2s with are friends me and my son use to run twos all day so we waiting and hoping for some good stuff to come

If you guys really cared about the players and the state of the game you would have listened to all the pre 2.5 feedback and then the post 2.5 feedback and either stopped till it was really ready or reverted it and fixed the 5 or 6 game breaking issues before reimplementing it. If you did that it wouldn’t have cost you your player base. Instead you stuck to your guns and many many players have left. I can name 60 or 70 players who now play Call of Duty instead but would be here if we just had 2v2 and real ranking again.

If you listened to us and made the purchases worth it you would have players spending much more money on the game. I’ve said this a whole bunch of times but go take a look at what I spent on the game before you changed the value of the event packages, what I spent on the game after that but before 2.5 and what I spent on the game since. The only thing I’ve spent on since was the level progression pack for 19.99 cause it was actually worth it. Nothing else since, not a drop.


@S7campusLifer - what makes you think ‘working back late’ makes you anything special? Most of your player base - particularly those who fund you - do exactly the same thing every…frigging…day. That’s the ONLY way we have a few bucks left to invest in a little entertainment once we’ve paid mortgage fees, school fees, car repayments…etc.

What S7 has effectively done is fuck up any of the rare dollars we’ve parted with, during our 60 hrs+ work week. Don’t even think about bitching about your hours…unless you’re paying into my bank account.

Devs continue to make the same mistakes. That you’re only dealing with school kids with their parent’s credit cards. You’re not. We’ll happily return the betrayal S7 has bestowed on us.

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We might be critical of the process that brought us to this point but we are still here playing and trying to make the best of it. We still have some hope that there will be improvements as soon as possible. I do appreciate the response. We all want the 2v2 back that’s very clear. One thing that could be done with what I think would be little effort is to stop using bots, leveling or boosting players in the 17 Arena. Arena 17 should be based on raw deck power nothing else. If a player with a 14 deck choose the 17 Arena then they should play it as their cards are without boosting or leveling. Many players have worked hard to get their decks maxed out. What’s the point of upgrading.

While the effort to respond and work overtime is appreciated, it’s just words. That’s all we ever get. What you guys don’t seem to understand, nor have you actually addressed it, is how incredibly bad that update has been. We want real responses that include action.

@S7campusLifer maybe take a second to think about why there are so many posts about the same thing. We are trying to get your attention and make you guys understand that you are killing the game!!! No matter how many duplicate posts, comments, etc, you especially still aren’t listening to us.

I think it’s safe to say they’re working on it and it will take time to get it right. Or would y’all rather they half ass it and dump an unfinished mm in 2v2 and events and break the game even more? They’re a small team it took em a month to work out the solo arenas which also came with problems. I think they took a step back to take 2 steps forward. On almost every thread lately the same complaints are being said and they’ve already said they’re working on it. I think part of the problem with the OGs quitting is the burn out from the constant event grinding for team ranks. Imo events shouldn’t determine team ranks it should be based on total elo.


Clarification - Perfliq Games started Rebel Sky , Strange Sevens took over the renamed it Wild Beyond “A completely different game”

…really? Don’t be upset to the point where your arguments become nonsensical and your misquotes become comical. Please point out exactly where he “bitching about his hours”…? And if you actually believe it’s common for “most of your playerbase” to be at work Saturday midnight… I understand that you’re mad, but it’s obviously not constructive to any of the playerbase’s goal to mindlessly spew anger.

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Pretty sure CampusLifer is of the fairer sex.

If you find my arguments ‘nonsensical and comical’, I’d suggest it’s more an issue of your inability to comprehend the argument. As for being upset? The language in your response is no less abrasive than mine.

I just sound like less of a whiney ex-girlfriend than you do.

If you’re going to do the whole ‘cut and paste’ quote gig, use the whole post - where you can see the actual point about better ways of building revenue. It’s in there.

I’m still looking for the point in your response - but to be honest, I’m not trying real hard.

I mean, clearly he wasn’t “bitching about his hours” so yes, your statement was nonsensical…