What exactly determines how the event pools of 100+ players are created?

I’m wondering how the game determines who to place in your event pool of 100+ players? All my events have had mid silver players all the way to low diamond players in the pool and so the few diamond players in the pool ALWAYS dominate the event ranks which doesn’t seem fair. What I’m trying to get at is I think the event pool should have a narrower range of players so you can compete for rewards with those similar to your rank/level of units so it feels like we all have a fighting chance.

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I agree with this. The team is currently evaluating the existing system and planning to make changes in the future. I don’t have any details to share yet, but we will once we do!

More importantly how do some people in the same pool get matched with nothing but upper gold and diamon and then the lower levels in the pool only match with silver and sweep the event, with paying of course but you can’t get points if you lose, even if you pay. This whole system just boggles my mind. Funny thing is is that it was fine a week ago!

Half a month later, less than a month left of the season and it’s still not even being discussed with your players

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Please refer to “Scaled Event Leaderboards”.