What ever you do don’t respond

It is very apparent that y’all have no interest in your customers base granted it’s so small now since the last few updates. The stupidity of a hand full of people that destroyed this game. The lack of response in the forum tells the whole story it’s over. The chat is down and we get zero response.


Agree, at least say we are working on it. We have been loyal and have been paying. This sucks. You wonder why we use strong language.


I have to agree not even commenting on this insanely major bug is the single most unacceptable act of a game developer I have ever seen.


It seems pretty evident the team has moved on to other projects.


It’s been a pleasure playing with all of you but this does seem like the death knell of the game. Chat is down which means mines, raids, and 2v2 are all down too. They haven’t even responded with a post to say they are aware and working on it. I think the game is pretty much dead.


I think you are absolutely right Lyth. If the chat is not fixed by Monday the game is truly dead.


I’m already dead… inside, because of this stupid Chatpocalypse

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