What does this thing do?

This trophy thing.

EDIT: removed incorrect info

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Only medals? My rewarded coins or units won’t go up?

It doubles your win count for the prizes based on how many games you win. Those 10 boosts will give you 20 wins instead of 10

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Savvy is correct. These boosts do not increase how many medals you win from a victory, however. The boosts apply to event wins (not other gameplay modes), like SeemsLegit mentioned.

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Is that effective throughout the whole season? Like, every time I enter an event my wins is added by 10 over the summer?

Each Boost is a consumable. When it is active, your next win in an event counts as two wins (instead of one) for your personal progression rewards. For example, using a set of 10 battles to demonstrate:

  • If I have achieved 10 wins in the event, I can collect up to the 10-win prize, but if I had a Win Boost active for all 10 of those wins, I would be at 20 wins and be able to collect up to the 20-win prizes.
  • If I activated Win Boost after 6 wins, and then won 4 more with Win Boost active, I would be at 14 wins.
  • If I got 10 wins, and then activated Win Booster, nothing would happen––the Boost is only consumed and grants the extra win if it’s active when you win.

*Win Boosts don’t get consumed on a loss.

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Thank you for the explanation

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